N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Oh silly me for accusing you of writing 'alone in your dank piss-smelling bedsit'. It wasn't you at all was it? By way of apology I promise to believe everything you write when you return.....
  2. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    That's true though isn't it?
    Alone, pissy dank bedsit, looking for any attention positive or negative.
    Leave me alone FFS, spring cleaning my own pissy dank bedsit today!
  3. Thought you were pooh-poohing the reports of mass starvation in NK? Why would you be sending them aid? Why are they just not paying for it as a normal part of cross-country commerce since you claim they are not impoverished?

    You(r multiple personalities) are fantastic fun to read. You provide comic value at a range of levels.

    Keep up the good work comrade.
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  4. Don't know. Not Russian, so it is never going to happen here and is just a pointless exercise in trying to make someone look racist or elitist or whatever.

    How did it work out for you in reality?
  5. YarS & reality cannot exist simultaneously in the same space & time.
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  6. Which sorta hints at the failure of sanctions doesn't it. Fake pharma from India, Pakistan and China arriving in even bigger quantities year on year. Cigarettes tends to be Russian mafia eastern bloc ex countries with some coming from China. These are things that have been going on for ages. Not to mention fake engineering jobs. Honestly the Beeb has a habit of showing concern when sod all can be achieved and it's far too embedded. Sanctioning Glocom will have as much effect as sandpaper on. Fleas' arse. The buggers probabably jumped.
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  7. Never said sanctions ever worked, they can hinder some but ultimately you just create a new black market as someone will always want to make money.

    And I was only giving examples of where Wee Phat's income stream comes from, and where there's a company there will be assets. You'll maybe not stop everything he's up to, but you can disrupt things.
  8. I think the point is that in my background you tend to get a jaundiced view.Truth is nothing can't be done at any price and the key is making money work. End use certs, Licences etc are just so much bunce paperwork unless you have the wherewithal and the will to make them work. Neither exists. We have oodles of politicians spouting hot air arguing pin heads all making promises few will keep. Crime does pay-just don't make enemies and don't get caught.
  9. For research read it as " ill beleive anything anyone tells me on the interweb, as long as it's not the truth backed with real evidence".

    Some pointers for you:

    - The world is not flat
    - NASA has not put a giant parabolic mirror in space to make an artificial horizon
    - Chemtrails for the purpose of terraforming/ people/ mind control by commercial aircraft on routine everyday flights is not real

    I realise this is CA, but frankly, you are a f***ing idiot. Of the highest proportions. You moon howling conspiraloon!
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  10. There are 10 criteria to be met to define loonspuddery, I think he achieved all 10 in 3 posts.
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  11. Although Trump is clearly, in my opinion, mentally unbalanced, his latest revelations of what will happen if North Korea pushes it too far have, at least, served to get Chinese arses into gear.

    The only nation with any non-military influence on North Korea appears to be China. Up until now, their level of activity seems to have been pretty unenthusiastic. They have seen now that in Trump, they have someone who is almost as unhinged as Kim Jong Un.

    They seem to have been a little more proactive of late. If that doesn't work, things could become very unpredictable.
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  12. The PRC has done nothing they weren't already doing.

    The difference is that both the pro and anti Trump camps are shining a greater spotlight on all things Korea for reasons of their own and Beijing's actions are receiving an uncharacteristic amount of publicity as a result.

    They're not that keen on it, to say the least.
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  13. Funny thing is, no one really seems to want to see the Kimdom to collapse.

    The country is an utter psychiatric basket case. Few of the people who get out manage to reintegrate into 'normal' society without lots of support and counselling. China certainly doesn't want millions of completely dysfunctional Notth Koreans flooding across the border into China.

    Imagine an entire country that will have to be sectioned, isolated and slowly thawed out to avoid mass hysteria and terminal culture shock.
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  14. For sure it'd make the fall of the DDR look like a feel good fantasy story in comparison.
    But who'll take charge of NK to ease it into normal life? SK isn't keen - it'd take decades and vast amounts of dosh. Anyone else and it would be colonialism and that's bad mmkay.
    The UN? Hah!
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  15. The NPT is an international treaty whose objective has been to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament.

    Present countries of concern with respect to nuclear proliferation and terrorism are principally Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran. Pakistan, the prime suspect in setting free the nuclear genie in North Korea, has continued to build its nuclear weapons program, uses terrorism as an instrument of state policy, and has an internal security threat with radical Islamists trying to infiltrate its nuclear programs.

    Iran, presently the leading contender for state sponsored terrorism, recently reached a nuclear agreement with major powers in July 2015 that constrains the Iranian nuclear program, and possibly restricts the Tehran regime's access to weapons-usable materials for 15 years, if, it complies with the terms.

    The present concept of deterrence has been to try and address the threat, by punishment by seeking to impede intention of a state to carry out a hostile act through the credible threat of a punitive response, or deterrence by denial trying to block the target state by blocking the acquisition of means to achieve.

    Neither method has worked with North Korea, the final stage now seems reduced to the adoption of defensive measures that will render NK’s weapons ineffective, coupled with the promise of overwhelming retaliation.
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