N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. But all over fifty years ago.......so the America of 2017 is the same as the America of 1970's? Cool daddyo
  2. The DPRK of the 1950s is apparently the same as the one today, so I don't see why not.

    Either circumstances change as the world does or not, I just want people to make their minds up.
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  3. I very much doubt it. I mean if it is it has very little to recommend it. That said that are some issues which I don't think stand up to scrutiny. We're often told the Koreans are starving or just above subsistence level. But if sanctions were biting it doesn't appear to be happening. Also they seem to have an endless supply of resources to spend on the military which suggests that somehow Sanctions are operative only in word. That mans someone is busting them. I have two candidates in mind........
    Now North Korea doesn't appear to have the clout in it's own right ,which suggests that it's there on sufferance and is playing someone else's long game.
  4. There is evidence of the starving and malnutrition, and those crossing the border with China to flee the regime have seemingly backed that up (they wouldn't be fleeing anyway if everything was "peachy", would they). "Official" pictures may show people who look healthy and happy, but that's like saying that 16 people standing holding "We Love Jeremy" banners are representative of everyone who voted Labour at the last election, for you never really see photos from little villages with nothing like electricity, etc. The true picture is very likely to be hidden.

    As far as the money bit goes, the first one that springs to mind is that ISTR someone saying NK is the biggest counterfeiter of US dollars, I believe they are major players in narcotic production, fake medicines, fake clothing, fake cigarettes, you name it, and the latest one, one which is seemingly one of the, if not the, biggest earner, is that "The World" are saying they have proof that a Malaysian arms firm called Glocom is actually a front for the Wee Phat regime, making an absolute fortune in selling arms to Africa, SE Asia and the Middle East. Think it's on Beeb tonight.

    And when there are sanctions, there is always sanctions busting. Smuggling will always go across borders, there's money to be made there, ships can always be diverted, "legal" shipments of things like coal to China may also contain other things, etc, etc, etc. Without an absolute blockade on every port in NK, and there ain't the justification for that yet imo, things will get through.

    But if this "Glocom" thing turns out to be true, then that's a clear avenue to restrict "income" and could well lead to a "paper trail" or other evidence regarding other shell companies in the region. That's something that can be hit.
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  5. Because other posters disagree with your views on a very serious thread is no reason to start throwing childish insults. You are a disgrace and have no place in this debate. Please go away.
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  6. I think it's time to stop all shipments to NK. If China want to back the regime then they control all imports through the land border. It's then pretty clear of where their contraband is coming from.
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  7. North Korea abd the Kims are China's 'Go to Guys for deniable mischief making globally. Need someone deniable to kill off some uppity union officials causing problems on your Chinese mining operation in Africa? Yo, fatty, send us some goons and guns. Want to sell IRBMs to the Iranians? Ditto.
  8. North Korea's made a cult of being self reliant for its entire existence and while it's not managed that in physical terms it certainly has in moral/spiritual ones. Juche's not just a buzzword, it's in their very soul to be as independent in thought, word and deed as possible.

    They have the 'clout' to achieve anything that's within their physical means and as they sit on top of quite large deposits of fissile material they're not the world's most unlikely candidate for a home-grown nuclear programme. Look at what they've managed with IT despite being incredibly isolated from the international technology community.

    It's hard to see what 'long game' would be achieved by their actions for anyone else - 'pissing the Yanks off a bit' doesn't strike me as a good enough end-state for a long game, not has anyone suggested any potential benefit to the PRC that's consistent with their overall aims as demonstrated in other fields.
  9. I believe their their other metal and mineral deposits are significant and they will always find buyers for that. Personally I think their long game is simply moving away from talk of regime change and to talk of dealing with them as a global nuclear entity.
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  10. Except the CIA did NOT "overthrow democratically elected governments". They helped others do so & usually citizens of those countries.
    There IS a very big difference which you're refusing to acknowledge.
    As already stated; at least one of your claimed "democratically elected" governments, wasn't.

    Funny how often some people demand absolute accuracy in statements made by others but play fast & loose with the facts when it suits.
  11. Because the DPRK of today rather IS the same as the 1950's version.
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  12. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    Ah, don't worry I shall be back in good time if this thread actually lasts that long.
    If going around in circles is something you like then fill your boots ;)
    I'm not the one insulting anyone's opinion, we all have them like a-holes.
    Much like with the US and DPRK/ Syria/ Russia/China , round and round, nothing is going to happen except from that speculation of maybe something happening, certain companies share prices will be rising unhealthily.

    Baird just raised its share forecast for Raytheon by 25 percent on growing optimism over its future missile defense sales in light of rising tensions with North Korea.
    Raytheon to surge on missile defense sales amid rising North Korea tension: Analyst

    Trump has many shares in aforementioned company btw.
    Donald Trump owns stock in the Tomahawk missiles he used in Syria

    This is research, not the endless ranting most of you chuck out, ascertained from the usual sources.
    You all obviously have the means to go on 'tinters, maybe it would be a good idea to take a look around rather than herding it and feeding the hand that bites you.

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  13. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    Fancy, eh? ;)
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  14. Loonspud
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  15. Well it is working for the PRC, it's got the yanks second guessing, maybe.

    If the US response to NK is to consider PRC (maybe Russia) then China have a potential barometer called NK.

    If the US wipe that state out, it sends a very clear message. If they don't, it sends a very clear message.

    Trump looks like he is putting the ball in Chinas court, NK is irrelevant, the US, Japan, SK and allies would neutralize it, what do you want China?