N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  2. ^ Who's going to play Radar?
  3. Never mind Radar, @jarrod248 is a shoo-in for Klinger :)
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  4. It's about time the fat kid got a reality check. A sensitive politically correct approach has been attempted for many years, and has failed miserably.

    Before he gets some serious weapons which he will undoubtedly misuse, something drastic may have to happen.

    It is rapidly approaching a situation where possibly millions may die, to ignore it it could mean a lot more further down the line.It might just be him who will trigger it.

    He/NK has been a loose cannon that many leaders have attempted to deal with...and failed. Neither he nor the regime is going to quietly disappear. This situation is getting worse by the day and the world in general may have to come together before it brings down Armageddon.
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  5. I couldn't do heels with my bad back.
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  6. My Uncle Brian was in Korea, he never expressed a desire to go back, err far from it.
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  7. No they don't.
    Some of them do.
    You can cross Diem off that list for a start.
    If you didn't try over-egging the pudding, I'd agree with you.

    DPRK's last act of large scale aggression was on a far larger scale than any of the actions you cite & the threat still exists in a very real way.
  8. ?
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  9. He's claiming ALL the examples he gave say something only some of them do.

    Alles klar? :)
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  10. Wear Flats. I mean what do you wear at work darling? Mind , do you have a huge schnozz and a hairy chest as well?
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  11. I'm very smooth babes.
  12. I'm assuming 118 that the SABC was awarded as you sought to confirm that you refuse to acknowledge Soviet efforts at regime change etc.

    Typical Conspiraloon behaviour - If its alternate news anti US and Anti Jew - It must be true
    If Its not it must be false ( meanwhile call anyone not blindly following the cult of "insert alt author" is a sheep

    Give your head a wobble and grow up
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  13. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    You must be bored, all alone in your dank, piss-smelling bedsit.
    I've got more important things to do than spend any time on you so see you during the week.

    Sure someone will be along to play with you anon and in the interim maybe you could do some research(?)....It'd be a start ;)

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  14. I'm claiming that all the examples I gave were claimed by the CIA in as incidences where they overthrew democratically elected governments. You want to disagree, take it up with them.
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  15. By research you mean ignore all evidence and instead listen to the rantings of some Kewl bloke on You tube - who must be the font of all truth because he tells it like it is man ( that's conspiraloon speech for - he blames the US / West / Jews for everything) and can using only grainy media footage identify a terror hoax from his home PC.

    Yeah Ok - If it makes you feel all superior to blindly follow some alt sourced guff - you crack on -

    In the meantime I will stick to my position of mediocrity and challenge all info - because unlike yourself I lack the ability to identify a source as 100% truth simply because I agree with it.
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