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N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Interesting article in the current Economist which projects the impact of just one nuclear weapon launched on America.

    What is not mentioned is that America actually has a very disjointed grid system and even cities have been known to suffer outages.

    The article suggests that an EMP pulse from a weapon would fry Southern Canada and almost all the United States; it also mentions that during Katrina - after a few days, the local police starting guarding their own families... therefore, chaos might spread across the Continental US.

    One of the problems is that transformers take time to build and with some exceeding 400 tonnes, they take time to deliver.

    The US Military does take EMP proofing seriously but the civillian network is open to destabilisation; Now an EMP strike in the opening gambit of a European conflict would achieve what?
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  2. One Second After (A John Matherson Novel)
    Perhaps over egging it a bit re almost all cars not working, but thought provoking nonetheless.
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  3. Even if fat boy hit the USA he would be annihilated by the devastating response, how could he ever win ?
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  4. Andreas_Wank

    Andreas_Wank On ROPs

    Precisely, time to dust off the WOPR.

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  5. By eliminating the US as an effective country for several months. He is a pawn of the Chinese, and ultimately, could be played well.
  6. Yeah right Kim puts the whole missile structure out in the states by a preemptive strike and the Americans can not respond ? Put the Tom Clancy books away.
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  7. How do you come to the conclusion that one Nuclear weapon will eliminate the USA as an effective country for several months?

    Even in your opening post you claim the US military take EMP hardening seriously, the have a massively dispersed arsenal of counter strike weapons, thats just in CONUS. What about the SSBN, B2, etc.

    Posting in a Clancy style in CA will be a sure way to get ROP’s again.
  8. That is not what is said. One missile can potentially put the civillian system out of use and cause chaos.

    And your comment is quite interesting, a certain author once posited a story about flying 747s into US Government buildings - 15ish years later, someone did. BTW, the article is from the Economist - this week... so please play the ball not the man.
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  9. As regards the Thread title, it would be a psychological win for N Korea because of the chaos caused. That victory would be hollow however because the upper half of the Korean peninsula would be a nuclear wasteland.
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  10. The simple answer is I did not. It is an article in the Economist. And it is talking about the civillian side. Read the article, please.
  11. I am not playing you at all, answering your query that's all, don't start sobbing because you don't like the answers, if anybody starts war on the peninsula it will most likely be the Yankees so jog on.
  12. This call sign is not sobbing.

    It is a good call in the Economist about the integrity of the civillian power supply chain in the US. That call might be asked of Europe as well.
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  13. Would you be so kind as to tell me which painkillers you are taking because they must be a hell of a lot better than mine.
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  14. Explain how I am playing the man then ?
  15. Exercise and fresh air. And the sun has put in an appearance.

    I suggest it is a thought provoking article. The US system is notorious for its disconnection and mismanagement.