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N. Korean ICBM Test Pending?

They're all eating grass to survive, its clear where all the money's going. George Bush hasn't got much to say about it though.
Revise your 7/10's rule.
We the current threats N Korea and the increasing build up of China, I am begining to think that Japan or perhaps S Korea may start to develope their own nuclear weapons programs.
AndyPipkin said:
Japan almost crtainly already has its own 'ready to assemble' nukes and a large space programme.
Maybe not ready to assemble as in all the bits are there ala Ikea flat pack time, but they're certainly considered to be in the paranuclear / 'nuclear capable' club. Most reports I've seen have said they could produce their own arsenal in under a year and be able to rival other country's stockpiles after a few more years of heavy production. And as an interesting piece of trivia, apparently one of their space launch missiles is strikingly similar to the old American Peacekeeper ICBM.

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