N Korea threatens military action

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, May 27, 2009.

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  1. So N Korea threatens military action on the South after breaking UN resolutions, so the UN hold more talks.


    Love this comment;

    "The United Nations Security Council is working on a strong condemnation of what it says is North Korea's contravention of its conventions."

    WTF does that mean? - Break our resolutions and we'll hold more talks.

    What's the weather like in Korea?
  2. Live as it happens:

    I cannot be the only ARRSER who thought of this when the news came in of the Nork nuke test over the weekend.
  3. Just seen their military goose stepping across my tv.It actually appears as if they are all exactly the same height.Is this very good planning,luck or genetic engineering?
  4. More likely malnutrition since the country is starving
  5. Wondering if Andy-S can comment, as he is over there, hope he werent waiting to do the sequel to his book "To The Last Round" (which is a great book, and worthy of a plug)
  6. Bloody cold in the winter! Its probably just another round of brinksmanship. The N Koreans do this every so often in order to get deals and concessions over aid and food. Possibly they're even more up the creek than usual which is why they're taking it this far. Everyone knows in a stand up fight the malnourished NKPA wouldn't last long against their Southern brothers and the Americans. Of course they could just be going for broke, then all bets are off. :(
  7. The long range forecast predicts spells of bright sunshine with a high of 6000 degrees C and winds gusting to 200 kts. :pale:
  8. Ah well, so long as its a localised weather pattern it won't be the end of the world will it? :)
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm actually starting to think they may be serious this time.

    The US/UN has been tightening the noose for a few years now, hence the starvation, and an ever-more desperate leadership.

    The little guy (sorry, they're all little), the little guy who's the top dog isn't going to live forever, and him and his boys have got pretty much nothing left to lose. They don't give a t0ss about the people, and they know that China won't let them get invaded, so if they start a war with the South, it may be a nice swan-song for them.
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Not sure about the malnourished NKPA. They did fairly well in the 1950s against some well-fed people.
    There is a school of thought that holds that The Dear Leader (or whatever his current title is) is willing to go all the way in order to have his youngest son as a successor. The NKPA are a huge army, with a strong if poorly equipped air force. Huge amounts of tanks and artillery, far more than South Korea has. Also predicted they would threaten Japan with nukes to make USA stand off.
  11. They wouldn't take the military option, it would be just the excuse the world needed to remove the regime and they know it. Its just the usual NK gobbing off.
  12. I actually track this sort of thing for work. I am therefore happy to tell you all that yes, this type of bickering has been going on over the years, no questions. What is slightly less reassuring is the sustained nature of these exchanges recently, the intensity of them and the geopolitical atmosphere currently. Essentially the brakes appear to be working fitfully and every rattling sabre leads to another one, rather than to a long period of rest and sabre maintenance.
  13. I think that the temperature would be a shade higher than 6000 C, maybe 6,000,000 C or do you mean colour temp?

    Aircrew with a sense of humour, obviously not a nav. :D
  14. I don't know that China would risk that much to support their 'fraternal brothers' as they now have major trade links with the rest of the world that they cannot afford to have damaged. In the 50s China was much more isolationist than it is now and protecting their 'little brother' was a good socialist thing to do but NK is moving to the dangerous end of the spectrum and I would think that China would not want an uncontrolable nuke armed state on it's borders
  15. Slightly different situation then, first they weren't malnourished and secondly they had a little bit of help from the neighbours to the North, otherwise they would have been flattened PDQ. Iwould not be led astray by numbers. The Soviets had large numbers of everything, but it didn't help them much. Poor and insufficient training being one reason and another was p1ss poor maintenance. I strongly suspect that North Korea has similar problems.