N.Korea... doing something good... NO WAY... yes way...!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. :shock: ok checking the date, no it isnt april 1st... so Kim ll-sung has turned over a new leaf... now all he needs to do is sort out the human right in his country, in the form of having them... and he will be eligible for a international hug form the UN... :thumleft:
  2. So sanctions and international pressure work? Or am I being hopelessly naive?
  3. I was just thinking the same Art.
  4. Can I just say I rest my case here Artemis? :D

    My synopsis of the other wretched territory still holds good.
  5. You mean we're not going to bomb the shit out of them?

    I don't understand. It's worked so well in the past. Surely aggressive, militaristic unilateralism is the way forward?!

    Someone give me one - just one - example of where this hasn't worked in the past. :p
  6. If the suggestion is that NK faked a nuclear test in order to engineer foreign aid - and you'd have to give them a certain amount of grudging admiration for having the balls to do that - you've got to ask how they faked results like the following:

    Link here

    I'm happy to be convinced otherwise, but it looks relatively conclusive from here.
  7. Does it?

    The explosion and resultant radioactive sampling were so small, the conclusion was that the test either failed, or was a conventional/nuclear mix.

    Various estimates place the yield at between 100-800 tonnes of TNT equivalent, and the small adioative samples taken , suggest either a squib or a mix.

    As I pointed out , neighbouring countries haven't been screaming the house down, and the PRA would have it's boots up in the Pyongyang Hilton if they thought NK was seriously Nuclear capable.

    Young Kim the nutter went to desperate means to get talks started again.

    I wouldn't recommend Iran tries it though
  8. I stand corrected :D

    If Iran tried it, I imagine there'd be a large, Iran-shaped piece of molten glass adorning the Middle East...
  9. or maybe iran 51st state of the USA...we probs have another iraq war situation on our hands... but this time the WMD's will be real... well... :roll: you dont know what to belive when it come out of 'said' leaders these days...
  10. Ack, if they'd got a nuke by now they'd have been shouting from the rooftops about it - remember that bizarre press conference when they'd managed to refine a small amount of nuclear material?

    Iran as the 51st state? Thought that was us...
  11. Pretty ballsy work by the gimp in the platform shoes. It certainly shows the value of playing a bad hand well.

    Mind you it probably helps to have a nuclear-armed sponsor with enormous economic clout. I wonder what what Ahmedinijad will say about ths one.
  12. Maybe my constant bleating about leaving Bliar's Broken Britain and going to live somewhere pleasant like Zimbabwe, Yemen or North Korea might now be a starter.