N korea - bluffing?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by googlemap, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. And now the weather... In the Pyongyang area, temperatures will breifly reach a peak of around 6,000 degrees Kelvin and will be accompanied by high winds, gusting to several thousand miles per hour. Atmospheric conditions may cause some interference to electrical equipment, particularly satellite television. There will be a magnificent sunset for the next 14,000 years.

    Bets on the PLA arriving mob-handed in NK before the weekend's out to make sure everyone's favourite ronery dictator can't launch his sacred war, anyone?
  2. Its pretty clear China is using Nork as its bulldog to issue threats that China cant issue directly itself. The pretty well grounded words from the Chinese military made a very clear and reasonable argument why the wargames shouldent go ahead.
    Thusly ignored they use their proxy client state to issue said threat in the language of jihadiism to make sure that the pentagon 'gets the point' ie we will sell atomics to Islamic groups like Hezbolah. Or use Nork SF to place SDAMS

    To pressure further on this would be suicide. Nork is like or not a client state that will do as China asks. China does not like US battle groups off its sea board mapping with deep sonar its submarine deep water channels.

    Would the US like chinese carriers 50 miles from New York? Frankly if i were the PRC I would put my own carriers off New York city at the same time. You cant call the bluff of the cornered
  3. We could take em! ;)
  4. no, no we wouldnt.
    We could do nothing to stop SDAMS filtering into our borders. If theyre not already here. Nork launders BILLIONS of funny money into the UKUSA. BILLIONS.
    If they can move around freely in that manner they can easily place a suitcase sized SDAM in london, washington,birmingham, manchester, L.A.
    If i were Nork HQ i would have already done this. The simple fact is we CANT nuke them, its not 'permitted' and they can nuke us.
  5. Gee wiz, the N Koreans have graduated to suitcase size bombs.

    Now about the one they tested some years back.
  6. depends on if China would supply SADMs to a client state in a war-by-proxy where Chinas enemies are attacked and chinas client state takes the punishment.
  7. Somthing like 60% of the US national debt is owned by China, they are not going let the NORKs upset the applecart,
  8. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Agreed. While China could destroy the US ecconomy by calling in the debts, it would be the financial equivalent of MAD and would destroy China as well. China in my opinion embodies political pragmatism in the 21st Century (hence the reason they ware running rings round the west in central Asia and Africa in securing raw materials). They wouldn't do anything so monumentally stupid as to supply a suitcase nuke to Ronery Man to nuke a major city in one of their main trade partners. Bad for business that...
  9. If only Tony Bliar was still in charge - the NORKS wouldn't dare mess about with him in case he sent 'his' Army on an illegal invasion to conduct an illegal war.
  10. Seconded. China will keep NK on a very short leash for exactly this reason. The North Koreans are a very useful Big Bad the Chinese can use to prove a point/apply pressure. But going beyond that would break the 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt NOT Fcuk With the MONEY.

    We'll know if the North Koreans are about to go nuclear; about five minutes before it happens the PLA will bomb NK flat, then send in a few hundred thousand troops to p1ss on the ashes...

    The Chinese are slightly more polite and subtle than the Russians, but every bit as pragmatic and ruthless.

  11. America - fcuk yeah!!
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I'm pretty sure the US has a plan to contain NK should they pretend they amount to anything more than a banana republic.