N Ireland Peace process continues

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. You didn't think they had gone away you know, did you?
  2. It was always reckoned that the 'troubles' in NI were perpetrated by a 'minority' on both sides. I suppose that now we have a minority within a minority. There will always be disaffected people, trouble is in NI they usually respond with a car bomb or a shooting or two. What happens this side of the water? Riot, unrest, bit of stabbing, drive by? Its similar, but of course in NI its always 'palitickle'
  3. No Choccy,I'm not that naive.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My concern is that with the Nation being ever so skint we wont be able to afford the bill to buy everyone off with public jobs this time! I cant see the EU stumping up the money, in fact if they dont perhaps NI could declare UDI from Brussels?
  5. the undercurrent of hatred will always be there as long as the shinners keep begging for "PoW" money in pubs and at GAA games, keep banging on about 1916 - a small revolt that failed (actually, with the amount of young 'uns that claim to have had a granda in the GPO its a wonder they didn't outnumber the medically downgraded troops that opposed them! :wink: ), if they didn't keep holding fundraisers in country pubs, singing along to the Wolfe Tones into the early hours, if they didn't actively "police" their own communities in Norn Iron, ...................
  6. Just as they got devolved policing through, hardly surprising. Substantial numbers of young Chuckies look on that more as a shilling taking sell out than a SF victory. Dissident support is rising. Expect a lot more trouble in the run up to a very disappointing 2016.

    What and lose the pleasure of getting a free ride off the English with their busted banks? You'll be suggesting we give up sectarian bigotry, fried breakfasts and burning foreign folk out next.

    Doubt if much will change when the Tories get in. The power that's being uneasily shared in Stormont is largely about dispensing that rent. Or you might think of it as protection money as we'll turn nasty if we don't get our collective Bru check and that will rapidly embarrass anybody in No 10 with statesman pretensions. It is rather like having an angry bum dossing down in your shed who you made the mistake of feeding.

    Not much chance of anybody else stepping in. Brussels already took a look at the 6C and decided it was ridiculously over subsidized. The Freestaters were never keen on the reality of grafting our happily parasitic socialized state onto their neo-Liberal property cult and now a golden circle of TDs, bankers and developers are steadily shagging the Celtic Tiger back into its traditional forelock tugging penury.
  7. That I like! :p
  8. Via Slugger David Cameron targets north-east and Northern Ireland for spending cuts
    After his foolish UUP-New Tory pact Reg Empey must be feeling like a well buttered fag at Eton. After Dangerous Dave's outburst the DUP is going to walk away with the critical workshy Prod demographic and those taking their ease in the 6Cs 69% public sector economy.

    As all of London's peripheral dependents are much the same and a hung parliament is likely this will be interesting. We'll have an almost inevitable block of DUP-SF-SNP-Plaid Cymru MPs eager to maintain their sponging constituents gravy train.

    And rioting of course:
  9. I note the way the fenian fuc ker describes the building as the police barracks


  10. its a common term in the South with old 'uns. The old RIC were armed to the teeth (I have seen an old photo with a squad armed with Lee Enfields and Lewis guns FFS!) so calling the Police Stations "barracks" isn't a bad analogy
  11. That's not Chuckie speak. I've always referred to the local nick as The Barracks, that's what my very CoI mother calls it as well. It's how the rather paramilitary RIC refereed to their stations.
  12. I know the history of the RIC , I had 2 uncles serve in it at that time. The point I make is that this was a murder attempt nothing more or less. The MLA whatever his name was should have concentrated on that rather than trying to show an element of solidarity with those who want to live in the past and doubtless responsible for this attack.
    PS today you wouldn't have an MP talking about taigs or fenians, 35 years ago things were different but thankfully most of them have moved on. That spokesman needs to do the same.
  13. "Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking. Welcome to Belfast International Airport where the weather is cold and wet and you should set your watches back by 50 year to meet local time. Please enjoy your onward journey"
  14. Doesn't mean anything, it's used to refer to the police station in the part of Dublin I'm from by my mothers generation, common local term all over Ireland, not in the least bit abusive of offensive, or intended to be.

    edited to add: don't get the work ticket out for the bus on this one.