N.Ireland becomes normalised

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Heard on BFBS NI tonight that as of August 1st 2007,Nord Iron will no longer be a operational tour.Me thinks it's all a bit much too soon.As Gerry said,"They have'nt gone away,you know"
    Here's a media link to the story;


  2. Its all part of Dear Leaders Legacy, Peace in NI.
    and I do agree
    "They have'nt gone away,you know"
  3. Was this decision made by MoD or the appropriate military commander. Are all troops going to withdraw, are they going to remain and no longer patrol or are they going to carry on the motion without the operational pay???
  4. As Adams and his fellow Armani scumbags know all too well, they have not gone away and are targeting them.

    So there is a bright side.
  5. i would suggest that because we know that CIRA/RIRA are apparently targeting PSF leadership figures, PSF know they are being targeted, and indeed the world and his dog know that PSF are being targeted, that perhaps this - along with CIRA/RIRA's appalling attrition rate and scores of 'failed' ops - might hint at a level of competancy and security somewhat below what PIRA achieved...

    it should hopwever be noted that there is considerable, and vocal, thought in republican circles, both dissident and 'P', that such claims are politically motivated spin to hold PSF together during its policing 'debate'. it should aslo be noted that there is a growing body of opinion, both within pro-GFA and anti-GFA political thought that the armed dissident groups are functioning as a 'set-up', that they allow dissident reopublicans to let off steam in a relatively benign way - relative to PIRA obviously.

    if you listented to Shinners or the dissidents you wouldn't believe for a second that they 'won'.
  6. They haven't made XMG police station look any more inviting to members of the public. Still I doubt that anyone in that hate ridden town would dare report a crime to the police because there are other enforcement agencies "still there". Sorry is this normalised or am I just reading the truth instead of the party line.
  7. The troops have been off the streets for a couple of years. RIR have stopped patrolling too.

    The province has returned to garrison levels, smaller than 1968 though because some garrisons and RAF bases have closed due to the end of the cold war.