N.I now a tourist spot?!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Hussar, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. Just read this in the news.

    N.I now tourist spot

    i know it is now a bit quiter round there but it seems a bit sad that its now just a sight seeing tour.
  2. The article says:
    "Tour buses are now taking detours into these areas. Former loyalist prisoners are even getting in on the act, giving their own guided tours in west Belfast."

    Sure, I bet they get a warm welcome! :winkrazz:
  3. While it will attract those who are perhaps seeking their roots as opposed to touching them up, it does bring in much needed revenue and must appeal to some though this some are probably just as happy at car crashes where at least they can hamper the rescue services.

    It is a shame that NI is effectively being turned into a theme park but it's now on the list of the places you 'have to go to' and it has to be a plus for the economy.

    I'm sure the tourists will thoroughly enjoy themselves especially in the youth hostel in Belfast. Kicking out time at the Ranger's Supporters Club is a real treat and perhaps even comparable to Trooping of the Colour, especially for those who prefer blue to red.
  4. this seems to smack of too many people licking their bottoms and calling it chocolate.
  5. Hasn't there been a massive increase in house values since the repackaging of the troubles?
  6. Yes there have thank you very much.

    Bought too late, sold too early but still made a killing.

    Perhaps I shouldn't have said 'killing'.
  7. yup
    have been quoted a resale price on my house at 100% mark up in about 5 years
  8. Within minutes of the old IGB opening up there were East Germans doing guided tours and selling bratties and NI shouldn't be any different.

    The Yanks will lap it up and at least they might get another side to the story. Mind you if there isn't a Burger King on the tour bus, they'll think it's a reinactment of the Hunger Strikes.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    My little Donaghadee 2 bedroom Apartment has doubled in value since I got it.
    I always wondered why Millisle was called Sandy Row-on-Sea..
  10. ...because of the tourist potential of Gusty Spence's caravan?

    (You bin there six months, then?)
  11. Isn't it an inconvenience when they launch the lifeboat?
  12. All former battlegrounds and war zones turn into tourist spots, look at Normandy and Belgium!
  13. I've never found Bulge on a map.

    Apart from the fine contours of my body.
  14. been there before and after the ceasefire, always nice place, go on the Belfast minibus tour worth your Tenner, teh driver knows his stuff and points out all the points of Interest Green and Orange troubles locations, bomb incidents, shootings, wall murals as well as Shankill and Falls road tour as well as the usual history of Belfast oldest pub, Harland and Woolf, shipyard, Belfast Castle etc

    worth it
  15. Belfast is a beautiful city I have to say. I'd love to go there for a weekend however if I got caught, as a Southerner in the RN, by the 'feds', I'd be in so much shite, it wouldn't be funny.

    The only times I've been there was as a civvy in the mid-90's.