N.I British Army KIA. Imagine today!

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by banjotrooper, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. Just read, the British Army, lost 103 KIA in N.Ireland in 1972, with nearly 1500 wounded. Can you imagine the uproar if this happened today! Some grim facts and figures here if anyone interested?
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  2. Uh... where are the facts and figures?
  3. Here they are! The British Army in Northern Ireland, by Lt Col Michael Dewar RGJ. Have casualty lists, numbers, names etc. The other side had 98 killed! There were also 10628 reported shootings and 1853 bombings.
  4. erm , they're not..post the link dufus!
  5. The early 70's where the time when the IRA tried to shoot it out in Belfast.
    103 sounds like a honest figure to me.
  6. Other years as follows! British Army KIA.
    1971: 43
    1973: 58
    1974: 28
    1975: 14
    1976: 14
    1977: 15
    1978: 14
    1979: 38 * This includes the British Armies, most KIA casualties, in a single engagement since WW2. 18 soldiers, (16 Para and 2 HLI), at Warren Point. This was a very well planned and deadly double IED attack, on a army convoy!
    1980: 8
    1981: 10
    1982: 21* Another IED kills 6 soldiers in APC attack.
    1983: 5
    1984: 9
    1985: 1
    * Add to this, a couple of hundred RUC and UDR deaths and 3000 civvies, this in our own country!
  7. What about the Army wives on the M6 and the pub bombs at Guilford and all the other atrocities that happened on the mainland any figures for these? and how many murdering barstewards have been set free by Bliar that I would like to know?
  8. All of the cnunts.
  9. Yep and 2 are in Parliament
  10. Fraid not Rhodesian! The book only covers soldier and security force figures, Ulster civvies, it doesnt list figures for mainland civilians. Maybe someone else can find that figure? Quite agree, murdering scumbags!
  11. What I meant mate was there has been Soldiers and theier dependants killed on the mainland,there was off duty Soldiers killed at Guilford in the Seven Stars if my memory serves me right but I am not sure about the Horse and Jockey,and I know of at least 1 recruiting staff killed,I agree every death a tragedy
  12. Yes gentlemen - a heavy toll. At the time, we thought it was worth it. Looking back now and seeing just what has happened, I have my doubts. We hear much about legality of war and have soldiers saying they'll soldier no more but in those (it now seems) far off days, the guys did their duty with very little complaint. Just how many died due to political machinations we will not know. What is worse than the waste is the attitude that we should now apologise for shooting back when fired upon or in investigating what happened then by the standards of today.
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  13. Are they still investigating Bloody Sunday? or has that finally been laid to rest
  14. Saville is writing up his report now. Won't really solve anything. All sides will pick out the bits they like and rubbish the rest. Republican minds were made up as of 1st Feb - day after shootings. Loyalists never seemed to care - graffiti on night of 30 Jan was Para 13, Bogside Nil. Doubtless Smiley Tone will use it for more preaching and will lob out a few millions to someone to atone.
  15. Being born in NI and having both my father and brother serve there with me on tours. I think that the situation has become ultra PC as of late.

    I served five tours in NI, injured twice....and what for?

    To see the RUC get pussywhipped into the deco PSNI and made to feel castrated by the likes of Adams and McGuinness!! I feel ashamed and dishonoured at the thought of my actions contributing to those two herberts now in the limelight. :twisted:

    Yes, I am bitter and resentful. But I'm alive, unlike some of our colleagues who did not know that their efforts and untimately lives would be sacrificed for nothing. Shame on the government and the people for allowing this to happen. :cry: The general public now could not care about NI and it's fate. This is now a fact.

    I have posted my feeling about NI before, apologies if I'm on a soapbox, however I did care about my contribution and efforts in the provence at the time.

    Here endeth the rant

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