N. Forest a big club my Arrse

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by chimp503, May 19, 2007.

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  1. :x :x :x It ceases to amaze me that all this season TV/Radio aswell as the clubs fans itself have lorded how big Forest are, when the score centre is on, the first mention in Div 1 is how Forest are almost promoted, despite Scunthorpe already promoted and Bristol City with a 5 point gap. Well HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN. Beaten last night by another West Country small team 5-4 on aggregate in their own back garden. Did I laugh or did i laugh.

    Perhaps now those midland tossors will eat a bit of humble pie. You are as big as your present season - you little minnnows you. LOL :D :D :D
  2. Great year for the west country, Plymouth great in the cup, Bristol City up, Swindon up, Yeovil and Bristol Rovers in their playoff finals

    edit: hate to kick Forest when they're down, but Yeovil were the better side in both games, two scabby penalties in the first game when Yeovil were all over them
  3. As a Bristol City fan - I took huge pleasure in the result last night. To be fair Forest have huge support, but as most of them have a chip on their shoulder I have no sympathy for them. Enjoy another season in Div 1 guys.
  4. All said and done you have to give it to the Forest Fans who waited and applauded the Yeovil Players for what can only be described as an awesome match and a terrific comeback in the last 9 minutes for Yeovil...
  5. As I said earlier, they have great support but do have a great deal of smugness along with it, nice to know they applauded the Yeovil players tho. The 606 BBC website will know doubt will either be void of Forest supporters comments or full of them saying "we are a huge club and dont deserve to be in this division, we woz robbed"

    Results count - Forest bottled it when it counted - I would have bet on them going up before Christmas - glad I didnt waste my 25p stake.
  6. MIDLAND tossers,would that be us then to? :evil:
  7. who's nottingham forest ?
  8. :roll:
    Stick to kicking!!!! :wink:
  9. [/quote]MIDLAND tossers,would that be us then to? :evil:[/quote]

    :? If the cap fits............ :twisted
  10. MIDLAND tossers,would that be us then to? :evil:[/quote]

    :? If the cap fits............ :twisted[/quote]It does'nt :evil:
    1,I cant be a tosser!!!
    2,We never feel smug,we are the underdogs in the playoffs.
  11. Well hope your team team wins. Looking forward to next years (league 1) results

    1. Leeds United
    2. Nottingham Forest


    1. Farsley Celtic
  12. I am looking forward to the prem results.

    1.DERBY, :lol:
  13. Whoops!!!!!!!!!

    I thought this topic was about the NEW FOREST, that wonderful area of Gods own county of Hampshire, now that that really is a BIG club, [a bit clicky mind]
  14. Same old derby
    Taking the piss
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    Taking the pis[/b]s

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  15. I am ashamed to say i support Nottingham Forest