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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Shandy123, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. I've just rejoined the TA - this time with a National TA unit, and I was surprised to learn that you don't get your own webbing issued. With quite a lot of training coming up (I've been out a long time, so I have to re-do it all), I want to get my webbing 'right', so I suppose I'll have to buy my own.

    Trouble is, I was told that the unit would be getting the PCS uniform issued in April and I'm wondering if units generally get MTP PLCE issued at the same time as the uniform. If they do, then I'll hold off on buying DPM PLCE, as I won't be able to wear it (will I?).

    (and yes, 5A, Badgerheed, et al - I know I'm a stinking fat STAB, etc...(yawn)).
  2. TA, Issued PCS,, in April??? Dont be daft!

    DPM PLCE is here for some time yet!

    Ask about and trawl Ebay etc before shelling out hard cash! You should be able to pick up belt order for no more than £30!
  3. You reckon it will be a while yet then? I'll have a mooch around for a good deal on some DPM stuff then - see if I can get a definite date next time I'm down.
    I did see one or two blokes on camp in PCS mind, but they were probably back from Afghan, eh?
  4. Shandy123, the reason you don't get your G1098 issued to you at the moment is because you are a SUT/recruit/whatever the flavour of the month is until you complete your two weeks at Grantham or Pirbright. When you return to your unit as a trained soldier, you will be issued your G1098; if not, go and complain like hell to your OC. This policy was introduced to try and stem the torrent-like flow of kit losses from recruits who failed to complete their basic training and who failed to return their kit. The MoD Plod no longer go round demanding it's return on pain of arrest for theft, and debt collection agencies are now given this task instead.
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  5. I've been in a specialist trade for over 13 years and only get G1098 kit issued on a short term basis for courses or as and when required!

    I cant see PCS being issued by April, recruits may well be the first to be issued with trained soldiers following shortly after.
  6. Arrse onist, is your experience unique to Grantham? When I have served in a National Unit (2006-2007), I was issued with everything that I needed (and a few things that I didn't). I'm cuurently at MoD Corsham and if I wanted to (and I don't) I could draw all my G1098 from the 10 Sigs QM. As a staff officer in a non-deployable HQ, I simply don't need it. The QM did make make me sign for a new Mk6 Helmet, a new S10 Resi and 2 x pairs of Assault Boots, all of which are in my garden shed.
  7. And have you bought your own, or don't you find it an issue?
  8. We used to be able to store ours at home, which was handy for various reasons. However, when we had the re-org we had to hand it all back in and after that it has to be kept in the stores until we need it. Not so convenient for courses where you have to make sure the storeman is in to issue it.

    But the missus no longer b*tches about it cluttering up the house!
  9. Yes, my experience is unique to Grantham. However please also note that your posistion as a staff officer or even a more junior commissioned officer may have allowed you the priviledge of access to kit that your regular tom may not have.

    Generally when i have been sent on a course whether Grantham based or not i have been allowed to draw kit on a temporary basis to cover the course and a short period afterwards to hand the kit back. If on a Grantham based course you will get issued the kit for the period of that course.
  10. I bought my own, with one of my bounty payments. I find it is of massive benefit, you know it fits you, you know it is all there and serviceable and you can prepare it in advance of the course. All of which saves time and energy when you get onto the course.

    Now as a recruit the training team may require you to have certain pouches, laid out in a certain way, containing certain equipment. On this basis i would probably wait until after the recruits course to buy my own kit.
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  11. H_M do you stag on in your garden shed dressed in Assualt Boots, Resi and Lid? Must make a most fetching sight... :)
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Sharing webbing??? That's a bit like sharing a chaps underpants surely?
  13. I feel for you mate, there is nothing worse than getting your webbing just right and having to start from scratch again.

    I have found this to vary unit to unit. I personally assign the lads in my battery a box number which holds their webbing, helmet, bergen and sleeping bag. I have also made sure that there is a number of spare boxes for new recruits/spares.