N-95 8GB unlock codes

Got an N-95 8GB on Vodafone but want it unlocking.

Sadly I'm a techno spastic.

Can a grown up help?

IMEI No:3527578557813

Cheers bastardos
How long have you had the phone for? I ask as Vodaphone stopped locking their handsets in Feb I believe.
If the phone is in your name and you contact them, they will unlock it for free.
If it is not in your name you can get a Vodaphone pay as you go sim card and then contact them for the code (this way will cost you £20 though).
One of these works quite well..................


Detonator said:
MDN, is your IMEI number not a persec issue? I know nothing about phones but I'm sure its individual to you.
Not anymore, the Taliban and PIRA have infiltrated my handset since putting it on here and I'm in a safe house in Burundi.

Thanks for you concern, but the danger to my life is now over, since the FBI intervened.

Oh and by the way, my new name is Humpty Go kart.
minister_doh_nut said:
..... and I'm in a safe house in Burundi.
Do pop by for a G&T if you get the chance.

I’m in the shack down the road with the rather fetching corrugated iron roof and picket fence made from elephant tusks and human arms.

Bring your phone and I will take a look for you.


I have been running one since xmas. Full time hobby keeping the various softwares upgraded, still not got everything working on vista.
Still cannot get Nokia to provide decent calender support - cannot sync with Thunderbird, only Outlook or Lotus notes.
Using GPS nav is extra.
No support for webcam even on 3G nets it seems.
IMO not worth the money
N95-1 Which has a slot for a memory card
N95-2 Which has a 8Gb built in memory (no slot)
I think they also come in different colours.

Vodafone unlocked mine for free while my number was being ported, either that they'll do it for £20. Places down the local market will also do it but they'll probably charge you the same. May as well have it done officially. I got rid of mine cause it didn't work the same way as other Nokias I'd had and couldn't get use to it.
BFGs link worked...

I emailled them then phoned them because I didn't want to wait 24hrs...... they turned it round in 2 hours for 20 quid.
my n95 arrives on tuesday.

any feedback regarding the phone????
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
my n95 arrives on tuesday.

any feedback regarding the phone????
I've only had mine 2 days. So far so good. The GPS is not bad and although l've only tried it twice it seems accurate enough.
I got a full couple of Spider Man 3 on the phone from O2 and still have over 6gigs of memory free.
However it is abit of a complex phone with loads of software on it, so some where along the line somethings going to go wrong.

Anyone know how to put dvds on the thing? I've tried to get The Wild Geese on the phone but to no advail.


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A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
my n95 arrives on tuesday.

any feedback regarding the phone????
I've had one since Oct 07. A decent camera but the phone is over complicated. Too many buttons on the side so you pull it out your pocket when its ringing and find you've answered the call. And the screen on mine cracked in the 1st week.

Make sure the vendor has the software up to date. I got mine from Orange and was told (when the screen broke) it needed 'Flashing' or something. Cost £50 and wiped the memory.

If youre a geek you'll love it. If you just want phone / text / camera, you may not.
The cancel button is right next to the red one. If you're a hamfisted cnut (like me) you'll keep closing text messages rather than delete a character.

Cracked my screen on the ranges too.

Apparently has the entire spiderman 3 movie on it, but f*ck knows where. I'm a phone biff too.


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Not a bad phone, and a very good camera. Loads of software and goodies on it, but can take ages to sort it out. Full length movie in 'my videos', and good quality.
I dropped mine down the bog withing a week of having it. Sent it to suppliers ( 3) and they won't do anything. Phone still works, except that cannot use internal speaker, and all calls must be made using loudspeaker, which is inconvenient. Apparently that can be repaired but not found anywhere yet. So, back to N95 mk 1 for moment.

Deleted 20555

A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
my n95 arrives on tuesday.

any feedback regarding the phone????
Get google maps and google mail as aps - download onto the phone and use windows xp to sync to you laptop/office phone - for that it's totally brilliant.....haven't tried much else tbh, battery sucks.

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