Mythical Squaddies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cretin, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. These people may be a product of my imagination (which was at the time clouded by the deep depression of sh@t postings) but does anyone out there know if these squaddies actually existed?

    1. A Female Lance Bombadier in 22 Regt RA around 1997. She was legendary for being 6 foot tall and seriously -no kidding- having tits the size of a large television set. Her Battery always had her wearing barrack dress so that she was literally bursting out of that nasty cream blouse they had. This was no ordinary tall bird with big tits. If she actually existed, and you saw her - YOU KNOW WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT.

    2. An RLC squaddie last seen in Blackdown Barracks, before all those kids go shot 1994 or earlier. He was touching 7 foot tall and had to have a special bed and kit brought down for him.

    Oh yeah, and this one:

    3. A Para that had civvies that weren't a maroon t-shirt, jeans and desert boots with para cord for laces.

    Please let me know, as I have mates that say I'm hallucinating, and these people (well, the first two) never existed.
  2. Number 3 certainly existed - 3 Para's mortars.... but only during their secondry occupation :)
  3. I can vouch for that last one because most of my battalion fall into that category as that old dress code no longer exists
  4. It had to when they stopped making them cheap £14 desert wellis with the loops not eyeletts from Poland!

    The Shot, Saturday night....

    PC Plod on radio....

    "We got one Sarge!"

    "What's he wearing?"

    "Maroon T shirt, levi 501s and some sort of suade boot"

    "Fcuking knick'em boy!"
  5. Number 2 did exist although he was nearer 6'6". Had to have the QM's arrange a longer than normal bed at 6'6" as thats the longest you can get apparently. Shame though, they never produced a longer mattress and his feet always ended up on the springs.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    They've not stopped making them, but they gone up - about twenty quid now I think.

    Call Troopers on 01206 511 268 & ask for "Ghillie Tie boots."
  7. Served with a guy that was 6 foot 10, ex Welsh Guards and was RLC, not sure if he would have been at suicide central before 94 though although it is a distinct possibility and he was still serving in 2003 when I left the unit.
  8. What about the guy whose best mate was a gunner?
  9. Just curious Sangreal, why do you have a pic of Chavo Guerrero here on the subject of mythical squaddies?
  10. Who?
  11. He's a dead ringer for Chavo Guerrero, a WWE wrestler, here in the US of A. (Eddie Guerrero's nephew.)
  12. By any chance does he fight in a Burberry vest and happy-slap his opponents into submission ?
  13. Yeah and he's covered in 10 carat tin bling ha ha
  14. There was a huge Gunner in 203 Bty, nicknamed "Legal aid" back in the mid eighties. He must have been 6'10" because he towered over me!
  15. He used to go by the name "Kerwin White and yes, when he did that." Now, he points to the sky before he does the frog splash like his Uncle Eddie did.