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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dergeneral, Nov 9, 2010.

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  1. I'm a fan of Mythbusters, on the discovery channel. For the uninitiated it's a series where a bunch of Septic special effects types test myths - they take some wild story or saying and see if it actually stacks up in real life. Quite often they'll take a scene from a film and reproduce it to see what would happen in real life. For example - does diving into water protect you from gunfire ? (Turns out that it does - the non-compressability of water means that high velocity round break up almost the moment they hit the surface, though low velocity slugs can be lethal for a couple of feet..) They do idioms too....the current series included a segment on "What happens when the sh*t hits the fan ?". So, they get some sh*t, measure its stickiness, density etc...mix up a sh*t substitute with the same characteristics....and throw it at a fan to see who gets a bit. Do silicone breast implants explode in a de-pressurised aircraft ? (No) Can you electrify yourself by p*ssing on the live rail of an electric railway ? (unlikely) How many phone books does it take to bullet-proof a 4 x 4 ? (About a tonne...) How easy is it to shoot fish in a barrel ? (Quite difficult, until they moved up to using a mini-gun) Can you shoot your way through a floor with a 9mm SMG ? And so it or check out's great TV.

    It also features the delectable Kari Byron, which in my book is reason enough on its own to watch:


    However...the makers are always on the look out for new myths to bust. What Myths or tall stories (Army ones ideally....) would ARRSERs like to see busted ?

    [Takes cover and prepares for the NAAFI bar torrent of sexually based myths members would like to see Ms Byron bust....]
  2. My favourite is "Can you polish a turd?" turns out you can.

  3. That bint with the piss and twiglets time?
  4. Can Kari Byron deep throat while being DP'd??

    That would be an entertaining myth to watch being busted
  5. Is the pornmaker's holy grail; DPADPV physically possible, without using amputees?
  6. Which is the 'better' weapon; SLR or SA80? INCOMING! =D

    Edited to add: Miss B dressed up as a Pirate wench and tied up with rope on the Pirates myth episode. Sighs wistfully and shifts uncomfortably in chair.
  7. Does your chewing gum lose it's flavour on the bedpost overnight?
  8. 1) A Chieftan can spontaneously sink down to its belly plate on what appears to be firm ground, crushing a sleeping squaddie underneath?
    2) Is sleeping in the back of a Landy actaully colder than sleeping on the ground?
    3) A what range will a pocket bible stop 7.62x39mm?
    4) Is it possible to swim a Stalwart across the channel?
  9. What about 7.62 can penetrate the armour on an FV432? That was generally the myth or otherwise in the 80's.
    Guess it won't apply to the mk3 though!
  10. can a warrior driving at full speed then emergency stopping topple forward?
  11. Don't know about that but my son made one fly in AFG
  12. SMG and the wet blanket gag, with TRBD holding the blanket.
  13. Can you really shit through the eye of a needle at 30 paces after drinking Paderborner pilsner all night?
  14. Personally, I prefer this outfit on her:
  15. That's the spirit !

    PAYD ? More scoff for your money ?
    Could you actually fit all you were supposed to into a set of 58 pattern....

    I should add that is a tradition of the show that if a myth is "busted" (eg they prove that it's not possible to glide from a 10 storey building by holding onto a large piece of plywood....or that it's not possible to throw a single stick of dynamite with a 20 second fuse, have it retrieved by a dog and detonate under an SUV causing it to sink into a frozen lake) they then set about trying to replicate the events in the myth....

    So as well as myths Arrsers would like about ones they'd like to see replicated ?