Myth Busters, Fat Barsteward Tankies.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by ROGUETROOPER68, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Gents,the name Fta Bar***** Tankies, i have always regarded this as a humourous pun on all Armoured soldiers, be they Cavalry or RTR. I have come to the concluscion that this myth is, in fact, truth. Having had the opportunitiy to observe our Chav Cav cousins at close quarters, i can only say that they are FAT. I don't mean fat as in some sort of street talk, but as in rotund, chubby and cuddly! I managed to carry out these observations in, not only the UK but, in Batus as well. Has any one else noticed this phenomenom? How much of the Defence Budget goes into those outsized black covies?? I eargly await your considered responses!!

  2. I think fatties are everywhere in the forces now just to keep the figures balanced.
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    A few years ago when pictures of squaddies started appearing alles uber the Platz, they always seemed to be running flat-footed. I used to put it down to all the heavy armour plating they wore, but I suppose in the case of tankies it might just be pies.
  4. Definitely the pies. So easy to get "comfortable". Its all well and good until the PTI accuses you of eating all the medicine balls. nice.
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Having met a few lately they all seem to be letting the side down and are built like racing snakes.

    Took a young LCpl (son of my panzer driver) out for an Indian curry the other night and when we did the traditional runner I was looking to nominate him for the 10,000 meters.

    In my day you just ran to the corner and threw up.
  6. I seem to remember 4RTR were the skinniest in my day..........with 3RTR being the not so skinny!
  7. as the standard of fitness now in the services is a joke,you are all fat compared to thirty years ago when most of the regulars had been born in the 1950s, and had to walk as mummy did not have a car.the Pt test has almost ceased to exist, as all yuo young willting flowers would not be able to do theold one.And yes i was in the cavelry in the days when we joined at 15
  8. I know the hubs in Tidworth do very well out of the second of Track.
  9. Can't really blame them; that's comfort eating for being in Tidworth.
  10. What a load of bollox
  11. Food's probably got less to do with it than BEER the greatest of all Tankie traditions.
    Why do people start these threads which turn into total crocks!!!?? Can't imagine that there's much difference in all the RAC?
    Mind you, before I left Lulworth late 80's I had 'Big Rab' a fullscrew from the Skins who were taking over from us, move into my NCO's bunk......................apart from the awful smell, I really couldn't comprehend how he managed to get all his bellys into a single army bed!!!!!!
    Fitness? Mind over matter, we once had an 18 yr old pass straight from Catterick to us, built like a stoat..................2 weeks after arrival.............pass a BFT?.......................Not a fcukin chance!!!!! Straight on a remedial PT scheme he went!!
  12. In the 1970s the BFT was 8 MILES not 2.5 Ks
  13. 8 mile BFT?? dont think so.
  14. funny in the 70's (late) my BFT was only 3 miles
  15. Thats because all the nancyboy recruits couldn't do it , so the powers that be have decreased the distance a cople of times since then,mainly because of the school run generation,as in mummy taking kids to school in the car. In the fiftys no body owned a car, you still did PT in those days at school