Mystery Trousers

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Anneorac, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. Ok boys and girls. Here’s an **** question (rather appropriate for Arrse).

    I’m trying to identify a pair of DPM trousers (i.e. what pattern they are) but have so far drawn a blank and are hoping that some of our older Arrse members remember running around in them.

    The label describes them as Trousers Combat, Temperate, DPM, 8415-99-973-7480. They have two cargo pockets, two front pockets but NO rear pockets. The DPM is in the 68 Pattern style but the colours are rather colourful and odd. The usual base straw colour has a rather golden tinge to it and the brown is a light brown as apposed to the usual dark brown. They also have a drawstring waist and appear to have been issued with drawstrings at the bottom of the legs.

    Do these ring a bell with anyone?


  2. Any chance of a photo?
  3. With a drawstring waist they sound like they may be a type of wind pant or over-trousers

    Do the front paockets have a pass-through?
  4. Do they look like these?


  5. If you want to hunt this cam down, you could do worse than starting here and clicking 'Catalogue'.

    This is the sort of thing you can expect...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  6. Thanks for the responses so far. I'll see if I can post a couple of pictures later today.

    They’re not over trousers and they are UK Forces DPM. When I first got them I thought they may have been Dutch but the 8415-99 part of the label is a bit of a give away that they are British. I’m guessing that they are some sort of pattern between 68 and 85.


  7. There were quite a few colour variation in the UK DPM pattern over the years. Whilst the general shape of the patterns and layout have remained the same the tones have differed considerably. Are the trousers new or worn? as washing sometimes makes the colours look strange.
  8. Do they have a button fly , I have a pair of brightly coloured dpm kecks from the eightys and they sound like that
  9. Hope this works.


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  10. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    They appear to be the pre-CS95 ones (early-mid 90s), the associated jacket had 2 front zip pockets and shoulder epaulettes. Post CS95 issue they remain the preferred wear for public order due to their high cotton content (less combustable than CS95).
  11. Napier is correct.

    The kit in the photos is the original run of what would become known as CS95. They produced jackets and trousers in order to demonstrate the utility of the chest zip pockets on the jacket, bellows pockets with sewn-in seams, etc etc. They also had drawstrings at the bottom of the legs in order to see whether people would use them.

    This is why the kit is such a weird colour, as it wasn't subjected to IR proofing in all cases, as that work was conducted elsewhere, hence the slightly shiny and well worn feel you may have noticed.

    Incidentally, we are now on CS95 Mk3, and can expect the next generation of CS95 to be on general release within the next 12 months or so. And very nice it is too, although slightly too thick for my liking. I guess that's progress! :)
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Anneorac, what colour are the labels inside ?
  13. That explains my strange new issue field jacket

    Have t shirts been changed also ? I have a new one that feels like cotton mix instead of elastic
  14. Yep - it's a whole new clothing pack, certain elements of which will already have started to bleed their way out into the cupboards of ARRSErs everywhere. Boots are nearly always the first things to be noticed as there is no such thing as an averagely sized foot in HMF - there is for clothing - and so once stocks of a particular type of boot run out, the next version is rolled out. Not the same with textiles, as garrisons and units receive clothing packs which they must make last - hence you may sometimes find your naff pair of trousers being flung back at you by the hard working people in the stores!

    In effect, the next range of combat clothing is designed for 'field use' only i.e. ops and exercises generally, as a whole new slice of in-barracks wear will be rolled out - see elsewhere on ARRSE for detail on that. This 'in-barracks' clothing will be issued to everyone from Brigadier down, and will effectively duplicate the role fulfilled by what most ARRSErs will remember as 'Barrack Dress' or No13 Dress (I think it was).

    New clothing - new Army. Be the Best!