The green and yellow suggest a light cavalry, maybe yeomanry regiment.


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I believe that is the stable belt of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces. The central colours are that of the flag of the said country and the green is the same as their dress uniform.

A lot of Brits go over on Loan Service or are recruited on retirement to assist in developing this small force. You will note that the Sultan of Brunei has 2 Bns of Gurkhas (the majority - if not all are former serving soldiers in the British Army) as his personal bodyguard above the nations Armed Forces.
If it helps the design of the belt allows the metal tightener to be worn on the front.

The colours are right, but in the wrong order for Brunei Army.
No need Mysteron.

I can't refind the page, as it crashed my computer, curse you zone alarm.

But this belt is 99.9% (according ot me) the stable belt of the Sultan of Brunei's Gurkha Reserve Unit. Made up entirely of ex-Gurkhas. Why the Red is at the top, unlike the flag, I don't know. But it also appears that way on several medals for the Brunei forces.

It could be that the red represent something else, ie the Gurkha Rifle colours, rather than the Brunei army colours, or is specifically misalligned for that reason.
It's the Gurkha Reserve Unit's belt. Sorted.

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