Mystery RAF Brevet

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by foxs_marine, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Whilst idly perusing e-bay yesterday, I came across a site selling insignia from all 3 services. In the RAF section were the usual pilots' wings plus the "half wing" brevets for navigators (with an "N"), loadmasters (LM) & so on. However, there was also a half wing with "RAF" in the centre.

    Can anyone identify the trade for this brevet as the only time I've ever seen "RAF" in a brevet is the pilots' full wing?

    Yours Curiously,

    Fox's Marine
  2. I think you will find this is the new Weapons Systems Operators brevet. Issued to FJ rear seaters, AWACS, Nimrod and the like but don't know all the details. I believe that all those that qualify after a certain date have to wear it (2004?), those qualified prior are afforded grandfather rights to retain their old brevet.
  3. Sloppy Link is correct, its the new rear crew brevet. It covers all non-pilot rear-crew flying trades (except trolley dollies and PJI's) and was introduced in 2003.

    Personnel awarded individual trade brevets before 2003 can continue to wear them although provisioning of them has ceased.

    If you are really bored and want to read up on it AP1358 (Dress Regulations of the Royal Air Force) is available through MoD intranet.
  4. Dont even the crab trolley doleys on Vicky 10's etc wear wings?

    You know the only ones who can get Desert Flying Clothing, even thought they are on the ground at Basrah for as little time as poss.
  5. They are allowed to wear these wings but only on their flying suit. Strangely they have two wings on their brevet whereas 'proper' non-pilot flying trades only have one.

    The flying suits were introduced for the doris's for H&S reasons, No.2 RAF uniform has become so full of man-made fibres its actually a fire risk on board a/c.
  6. MMMMMMMMMMM Yep roger that!

    however, why do they wear wings at all? I remember our door gunners not having any wings (or pay!) yet being far more qualified than any crab tosser.
  7. oops hope I have not offended any crabs.

    Well that was the most insincere post on here. Actually I hate crabs.
  8. AAC a/c gunners have a brevet - where is flashy when you need him?
  9. They do now!!!

    "Where was Flashy" 10 years ago???

    I am so glad the guys have now got a brevet and they deserve far it more than any crab tea girl or boy!!
  10. Dunno where he was, not with me!
  11. LOL,

    I was meaning why do you have to ask for "flashy" are you his wife?

    is he papa lazarou?
  12. "your my wife now!!"
  13. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    What's next then, wings for passengers with a P in the middle? Like air miles, you can qualify when you have been f___ed about by the RAF for 12 hours?
  14. Thanks all for satisfying my curiosity. It seems a shame that "N", "LM", "AE" etc are now outdated. Tho' I bet some will still find the old wing versions to circumvent the regs.
  15. Dont we now have one like this?

    A half wing thing!!!