Mystery plane

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by pompey, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if anybody can help or advise. Every week, bang on time I get a jet (seems to be a small Lear / Hawker style) circle over my neighbourhood (I'm not paranoid, it's not just over my house!), exactly same flight pattern, over and over and over again in circles for around an hour or so. Few months ago it was in a different pattern, at speed (or so it seemed) in straight lines and then turning back on itself and repeating again and again. The recent low cirlce pattern I thought may belong to the Police watching the area but it's a nice area, no motorways and why keep coming back to the same spot I thought it could be some mapping / image company taking a survey, but again the same spot and also at night.
    Just curious as to what it is up to and it is getting annoying every Sunday night as I'm about to get my head down...the thing is low and noisy - it is a suburb / residential area just north of Portsmouth, surely it's against some sort of law / ruling. The only thing I think it could be is an MOD project; DSTL do have some sort of radar / comms set up near by.

    Any pointers? Where can I found out more??


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  2. Do you hear voices ?
  3. Is it a rag-head learning to fly!?
    Do you have any tall buildings in the area?!

    Tin foil hat on methinks.
  4. radar calibration flight ? Navigation training ?
  5. [tinfoil hat]
    Aah, you've discovered one of the secret american planes that are spraying us with mindcontrol drugs while we're asleep :sleepy: ; it's all a global conspiracy you see. Watch out for the black helicopters now, they'll be watching you......through your TV! 8O :wink:
    [/tinfoil hat]
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Almost certainly ... radar or ILS [instrument landing system]. Either case [but especially the latter] will require no other aircraft between the Cal Flt and the emitter, which at a busy airport may mean doing night runs.

    Do you have an airport or mil airfield in your area? The location [almost certainly an extension of the main runway centreline, probably out to 10-15 nm] will give you a clue.
  7. Ah the far off days of Jim Crow and Coffee Deltas
  8. I would guess it is something to do with the Type 45 Destroyer mast on top of Portsdown Hill. It is huge! Near it are normal size masts from a Type 42 and they look really small. The 45s are the new class of destroyer costing about £1billion each, and will be the most advanced anti aircraft and missile system in the world. The trial unit is on top of the hill.

    Just a guess, as I don't really know. We are moving near there soon, so I will look out for the aircraft...and maybe buy some tinfoil just in case!
  9. Lanky, you are on the same wavelength (no pun intended), that site on the hill (dstl?) is the one I meant and the most likely reason... The masts are a giveaway!
  10. You are probably seeing the FRA jet out of Bournemouth Airport. FRA do a lot of target towing, drone stuff as well as bolting on radar type stuff onto wings of their Jetstream jets.
  11. You say its a jet so it may well be a FRADU Falcon 20;



    Certainly fits their job spec and the Type 45 stuff on the hill.
  12. Pompey,

    Send Lat and Long of your house and next time I fly over I will drop you a little prezzie as compensation :roll:

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  13. Just drop it off here - 50.54N, 1.23W.
  14. Roger, Wilco.......... "Set new course Rupert" 50.54N, 1.23W.

    Tally Ho

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  15. They are just huge, I can't wait to see a 45 tied up alongside a 42!

    But back to the trials one on the hill, it should be called "The Angel of the South!"