Mystery payment?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bolo-Driller, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. Hoping someone can help on here!

    Ive just checked my bank balance to find ive been credited £1092 on the 18th of May from a JPA BACS system?

    I dont know what its for, ive previously been sent a cheque from SPVA but assumed that was from back taxes/pay/whatever. Thing is, ive been out for a few years now so havent a clue why they would ping me more money??

    Anyone got any ideas?
  2. nope-but dont look a gift horse in the mouth-get on and spend it-mines a lager thanks!!
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  3. Shhhhh... I once got triple pay for my Cyprus LOA, never told anyone, they never asked, they never got it back!
  4. Me too!
    I rang and asked and was told it was a special thank you from Liz for selected former Servicemen and women.
    Spend it quick.
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  5. Before I spank this on beer and cheap women I want to mdke sure that Im meant to have it. Similar thing happened to my mate and they demanded all the money back (of course he had blown it all by then!)

    Fcuk me how old and sensible am I getting!!!!
  6. too old and sensible-get it spent and worry bout paying it back when they ask for it !!
  7. As long as you can (half) justify to them your thinking it was not totally unexpected, even if they pick up on it at a later date you would only be expected to pay it back at a rate you can afford.
  8. I have now consulted with the highest authority on this subject and his almighty worthiness the EMPEROR MONG has decreed it WILL be ok to spend this money but only on drink-drugs-and a rock and roll lifestyle for as long as £1092 lasts. HE HAS SPOKEN AND HIS WORD IS LAW!!
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  9. I'd say game on.

    Or look into it, back pay/tax/jubilee bonus/cash in lieu of NDM...
  10. Spend the fecker quick style.....over 15 years ago, my, ahem, 'mate' ,was attached to another unit as PRT for 3 weeks and was paid cash for the whole package via that units payroll....on his return to unit, he saw that his normal pay had gone into his account, spoke to the company pay biff and was informed that he should 'say nothing, deny everything'.......

    My 'mate' is still waiting for the bean counters to try to stiff him....

    Probably an admin feck up by an fijian pay clerk.....who's now scratching his peanut like head and shaking his abacus in frustration, wondering how to fiddle the books to cover this up.
  11. Have you had a remittance detailing what this money is for, how it's calculated etc.?

    This is an important point. You are expected to report any discrepancies or queries in pay immediately if you are in doubt.

    No explanation of why this money is awarded places no obligation on your part to ensure the payment is correct. My current clusterfuck employer was unable to issue me with a payslip for over two years. When they discovered a £600 overpayment spread over most of that period they wanted it back at £20 a month. I told them to get fucked, as since I'd not had a payslip, I was hardly likely to notice I was a few quid up and therefore I was under no obligation to inform them of any errors. After a lot of angry e-mails they wrote it off, and only got one instalment of £20 out of me. I'm gutted still, though. £20 quid is enough for Wetherspoons mixed grill and two bottles of Chateau Blotto, that is...
  12. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Seriously - if you have a building society account that's paying some form of interest, stick it in there. You can leave it there for a year and earn a little interest. If you haven't heard after a year, assume the money is yours permanently. If they ask for it back in the meantime you've still got it.

    Alternatively, if you have a big credit card debt, pay it back using the £1,092. Average credit bills cost you about 2% a month interest, so that'll save you about £20 off of your monthly credit card bill. If they ask for it back a few months later, you'll have to live for a month on your credit card and pay the money back from that month's wages - but you'll still be £60 or £80 better off in reduced credit card bills.

    Whatever you do, don't spend it immediately because you'll be fcuked if they ask for it back in a month or two's time.

  13. Havent had anything detailing what it might be, its just appeared.

    Emperor Mong has fucked me up before, I swore Id never listen to that little twat again!
  14. Cheers wordsmith, sound advice!
  15. Emperor Mong has fucked me up before, I swore Id never listen to that little twat again![/QUOTE]

    beware what you say !! he is the almighty great benevolence with a ******* vengance if ignored !!
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