Mystery of 200-year-old British soldier found in the dunes of Holland (Coldstream G)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Dashing_Chap, May 3, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Mystery of 200-year-old British soldier found in the dunes of Holland

    A suitable opening line for the report, I wonder how many other redcoats are missing in action around the world?

  2. "he didn't have a head, which means that it may never be clear what killed him"
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  3. she mentions that the grenadiers would have had the most dangerous job. would this have been the case at this point in time?

    although perhaps the elite of a battalion in terms if size and fitnedd, I thought the grenadier company was just a musket equipped 'line' company like the other companies. grenades having gone out of fashion well before this campaign

    I would have thought the light company would have had a riskier role - or have I just been brainwashed by reading too many Sharpe books!

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  4. Sorry, should have done a search first.
  5. Both Flank companies (Grenadier and Light) were generally detailed off for 'special duties', often in converged units. This is particularly true in the 18th century with converged grenadier bns used for assault work even though, as you've noted, they no longer used grenades.
  6. Coldstreamers were part of the Walcheren Expedition among other things I think so makes sense. The Napoleonic Era didn't always go to plan alas.

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  7. The spherical land service, and slightly larger sea service, black-powder filled hand-grenades were only declared obsolete around 1900.
  8. Slightly off thread but IIRC Rifleman Harris details in his memoires this was a terrible campaign with 1000's of men becoming seriously ill and many dying of malaria ... then called the ague .
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  9. Nice story, but cant help thinking that Billy Mott is not going to be happy with the state of that Uniform, funny comments aside is the soldier going to get a proper military burial. It would be the right thing to do.
  10. From the initial quoted link:

  11. sorry speed read it, and had a coffee inbetween thanks PIMH
  12. Hasn't he already had one? It doesn't look like he was just dumped into the nearest hole. Of course I haven't checked to see if the Padre was on the expedition...
  13. Thanks

    I guess if these are the best men in the company - these blokes would get the tougher jobs

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