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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gmorrison22, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Hello all. Was on the lash last night so I checked the bank to see the damage, I've been mysteriously paid 800+ quid by HMG and I have no idea why. I confirmed via army net that my pay date is the 28th and is substantially more than 800 quid. Anyone got any ideas as to where this came from?
  2. it was out of my account !!can you return it please- a cheque made out to cash will do and i will pm you my address asap !!
  3. Aye I want to know why it came from HMG though, its completely unexpected.
  4. Don't know if it helps, but I got a 2011-2012 Tax Rebate in the post yesterday: maybe they go out in batches or all at the same time?

    And it's the end of the Fiscal Year next week.
  5. Are you a stab? Could this be your bounty? Do stabs still get a bounty?
  6. No mate I'm regs.
  7. Heh, that hadn't occurred to me. Seeing as how they've already kept it (in the form of a non-interest bearing loan from me) for getting on 2 years I'll be cashing this one in, just to spite them.

    I'd figured I'd got a cheque 'cos they don't have any bank details for me, otherwise it would have been paid into the bank? Seem to recall being rebated thus when working for large outfits, although it was many moons ago.
  8. They normally try to do rebates April - August time, but they're pushed to hell at the minute due to cuts. CC - did you get the rebate in the post, or did you get a note saying the rebate would be paid in to your bank account? Might be the OP has it shoved in his bank and then the letter is to come.

    Sometimes you are due a rebate, this is more likely when you change jobs around Jan - Mar and the new role either pays less, or if it pays more, then your P45 wasn't in to HMRC before you tax could refunded in to the March salary.

    Laymans terms -
    Mr A earns £20,000 per year and in the Jan he moves to another role. if -
    a) He earns less (maybe to work his way up) then HMRC will take it that he is earning the same money as he has doen for the last 9 months. So if he earns £17,500, they will still tax him as if he earns £20,000. By the end of March (financial year end) he will be owed some tax back becasue he paid too much.

    b) Mr A now earns £24,000 per year. However, he started on the 1st Jan, he got his P45 from the old company at the end of of Feb. He gave it to his new bosses, but as he gets paid on the 17th of the month, the P45 wasn't in time to hit the March pay date. On the 17th April, he will get his salary at his tax code. but for Jan - Mar he will pay basic rate. (BR on payslip). Because of the end of the financial year, MHRC cannot pay he tax they owe him for say 2011 - 2012 in April 2012, as it's different years. So he is due a rebate. This would usually come around August, but hey, if they can keep it longer to gain interest on it and save paying it out they will. They will usually pay rebates out in batches (how many people I don't know).

    So if Camberwell has had a rebate as well, I guess you have. I have had a rebate once, but it was in 2 different letters (actually when I left the army) I got the first letter and they'd already put the money in my bank, the next day another rebate came and that was in 5 days later. You'd think they could have doen them together, but no!!!

    Anyway - if it's a rebate - enjoy!

    Edited to add: I don't know how it works with Afghanistan, but if you spend 7 months or more out of the country in any one FINANCIAL YEAR, then you don't pay tax for that whole year. Is there a chance a Oct - April tour has meant you get a rebate? a £800 rebate is from around £4,000 or earnings.
  9. It came in the post, also (separately) in the post was the letter explaining the whys and wherefores.

    Come at a very handy time. Ahm goin' git me a Whippet. An' a Porsche.
  10. oldbaldy

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    Not necessarily, when you complete a tax return it asks for any bank account you want any rebate paid into.
  11. Better to go and see your clerk and find out it was a rebate, than to just spend it and find out afterwards it was paid in error.
  12. Roger that, guess I'll find out next year when I do my first one!

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  13. You only complete a return if you're self employed or have a business - otherwise you go down as "Pay as you earn" e.g. they take a set amount out of your salary each month - after taking the allowance and splitting it by 12 to make roughly equal payments each month.
  14. Yes I know but thanks anyway.

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