Mystery History!

Ok random title I know, but I have a mystery on my hands.

I've been trying to help someone on the Burma Star forums find out about his grandfather, one Sam Wait.
Sam told his family he served with the Royal West Kents at Kohima and went through Canterbury barracks. His Army record has him enlisting in the 70th East Surrey's at Gravesend. Then his record goes as below;

27th November 1942 Transferred to 71st Med
17th January 1943 56 Med
23rd March 1943 Depot R A
11th April 1943 In India
8th August 1943 Disem, India
6th April 1944 To XII
10th July 1944 4th Field
15th August 1944 To XII
19th August 1944 4th Field
16th October 1944 XII6 India
19th October 1944 4th Field
26th August 1945 28 days L.AP 4th Field

I believe XII may be a reference to the Suffolks as both they and 4th Field and the Royal West Kents all served in 5th Indian Division. However whats confusing us both is how if at all he served with the RWK's. I was thinking forward observer but dont know how to prove this.

Can anyone help?

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