Mystery box on London lamp posts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by batus_survivor, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Peculiar boxes appearing around Westminster - anyone got any ideas?


    Odd Box

    My favourite suggestion so far was that it is a tin foil hat dispenser...
  2. Teleport.
  3. Get a ladder and a dayglow worker vest and jimmy it open. The public will just think you are a workman about his business.
  4. Must be valuable - someone played hoopla for it.
  5. If labour was still in power I'd have suggest concealed Claymore mine. With the level of public control they bought in that would have been the next logical step.
  6. That's as maybe, but they didn't win it, the hoop isn't all the way over and flat against the table! (Thieving pikey tw*ts!)
  7. I think it scrambles ITV HD just prior to any England goal.
  8. I've just come back as a speaker at an international wireless conference, and one thing it could be in a wi-fi power by-pass box installed as a trial. Because the idea of fitting public wi-fi in lamposts is nothing new there is a problem. The power supplied to lamp posts (to turn the light on\off) is controlled centrally and wi-fi access points fitted to the posts must have a seperate power supply fitted so as to allow it to operate 24/7. Did the OP notice any extra bit's on top of the lamp post itself?
    As the box looks like it is a bit of a bolt-on it could indicate a temporary trial version has been fitted.
  9. Did the notice "City of Westminster Public Lighting" give any useful clues?
  10. terroratthepicnic

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    Looking at the shape, size and type of box, I would say its a storage box. Probably nothing to do with gathering data, but to hold 'stuff' until someone from the local council comes along to use it. If there a lot of potholes in the area, it maybe a box to store the keys for the machinery overnight, for when they start relaying the road.
  11. Here's our box. Delivered to the front door today.

    It rattles, and smells , of fish. The wife's been on Ebay again, so any ideas chaps?

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  12. i thought your wifes box always smelled of fish
    baddum tish :twisted:
  13. Ooh, unlucky. If I get reincarnated I'm hoping to come back as a fruit bat, they can lick their own genitals.
  14. It could be a box of potholes in case the other ones get filled in
  15. Reminds me of the mysterybox in the Mad magazine many years ago.

    Alfred E neuman is looking at a box that has DYMANITE on it. There are two whole pages of different views of the DYMANITE box with AEN scratching his head. The last cartoon shows him taking a heft kick at it.

    You turn the page and there's a two-page spread of the explosion

    Edited to add: Damn! I wanted to make it red and huge. But you get the idea. :)