Mystery bergen.

Has the British Army ever used an olive green bergen manufactured by Berghaus?
The one I have has no logo on the outside,but has a Berghaus label on the inside,the frame has also been riveted at the top so it can't be removed.

It's approx 100 litres and has the 2 side pouches.

Any ideas please?
Sorry,no pics as my camera has decided to stop working!

think its a crusader they were issued in the falklands around 1990 forerunner of the vulcan
bergahuas must have been pissed off as the plce bergan is er a direct homage to the crusader
Berghaus Crusader and Centurion were both issued at one point. The smaller (75l?) Centurion has permanently attached sidepockets and a sort of suede leather base to the bergan.

In those days, Berghaus also made the Munro in DPM - a PRI shop best seller...
Perhaps it's one of the old Berghaus Cyclops or Cyclops Roc series? Both were 70 ltrs, but the Roc was available with seperate pouches each of 15ltrs which brought it up to 100 ltrs. I still use mine occasionally, marvellous bit of kit!

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