Mystery Beast eating geese in the River Lea

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. The Scum reporting is crap again Linky but it appears that something is snaffling the geese on the Lea, personally it is either a catfish or eastern Europeans snorkelling.
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  2. Of the options, my money's on Tom Daley.
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  3. Thought he would have been gobbling something else.
  4. Tom Daley is mine all mine he just doesn't realise.
  5. Johnny Foreigner will be doing food...

  6. I have seen birds taken off the Lea when I used to Pike fish it years and years ago..nothing new at all.

    A 20 pound Pike will take a duck without issue, a 30 could have a go at a goose (how does the sun know the goose weighed 16lb?)

    There are Wels catfish in the Lea, with UK record being over 100 pounds from a water in Essex, and they have been caught in the Thames, so its not impossible for it to be a Wels...but a fucking crocodile...get real!!!
  7. Having fallen into the Lea at Cheshunt as a sprog, i can confirm the geese are not being eaten, they are dissolving from the chemical soup it has now become.
  8. I to have spent many an hour fishing the Lea in years gone by. Even back then i was convinced that there was a crocopotomus lurking in the dark murky waters.
  9. Still the odd swan to be eaten round my way, if you find yourself around the right table.
  10. I aggree with 2/51 - as a predator fisherman I can confirm that a 30lb pike could easily demolish a goose, they are not afraid of 90kg human beigs as my left arm will testify!

    I have seen ducks disapear under the water 20 yards in front of me with barely a ripple.

  11. I can see a 30lb pike taking a small gosling, but a fully grown Canada Goose? I think that will be more in the region of a 60+ Wels to be honest. The rest is a load of crap, crocs and pythons\anacondas couldn't survive in our climate and although there are plenty of crayfish I haven't seen any terrapins in the Lea.
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Count the number of boroughs between China Basin and Ware with a high proportion of Eastern European gastarbeiten, then subdivide by the number of days left till Christmas Eve (when for a large chunl of MittelEuropa , roast goose is the dish of choice, unless they can get a nice carp) ...yawn....
  13. Used to live close to the Lea and I know fishermen who claim to have seen terrapins the size of dustbin lids. As for the geese, Goatman has hit the nail on the head . The East Europeans have been stealing geese for several years now.

  14. The lad is barely 17...... are you some sort of Speedophile?
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