Mystery Badge??

Errr hello!!

I've been running all over Military sites and others trying to find info on a badge I have. It belonged to my father, he did 22yrs with the Royal Sigs, but, died a while back and I'm trying to piece a few bits of his life together.

It's been suggested that the badge may be from an re-enactment group, or genuine but either Belgian, Eastern German or even Russian!!

I believe it's British though!! I know Vogelsang's history and that it was used for training exercises etc, but, have been unable to locate any reference to the badge anywhere!! Plenty of others have searched around for me too......but, like myself, draw blanks everywhere they ask!!

Does anyone know this badge?? Any DEFINITE info on it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!

Well, I don't recognise the badge but the name on it, "Vogelsang" is well known.

It was some sort of nazi training place and it became a training area for thousands of squaddies and belgian and germans over the years.
I've been to Vogelsang a few times and I'm ex R Signals too.

It was quite well used by the likes of 4 Armd Div Sig Regt, 16 & 21 Signal Regiment in the 80s and 90s and it may well be that your father bumped into the famous Belgian (so famous that I've forgotton his name!) who was the warden. His little office was like a museum and many a soldier was given the tour and a taste of some quite potent home made alchohol. As for my tuppence ha'penny, the badge looks like a Belgian one to me and not at all British (normally a crown there somewhere). I have to state that I am not an expert in this sort of thing.

Vogelsang was a stud farm in the Eiffel where Hitler attempted to create the perfect Arian (sp?). There's a statue in the camp centre of this blonde haired blue eyed 'perfect specimen' with it's nadgers shot away by the advancing allied soldiers towards the end of the war.

Hope that is of some kind of assistance to you.
Vogelsang was indeed the Nazi's Arian Race experimental HQ, it was a training ground for Brits certainly in the 80's and early 90's when I went there, a savage mountainous training area, tough tabs and a great shoot across the lake with .50 Cal, the Eagle can be clearly seen even today at the right time of year in the trees opposite the lakeside range, different coloured and type of trees were used to make the original Eagle which by all accounts was awesome in it's hayday, an eerie, spectacular and scary place Vogelsang, and certainly a name never to be forgotten by any British squaddie who ever exercised there, most of whom will have had the intro 270 degree cinema screen showing of the history of what it was all about! the Arian statues' bollocks, as mentioned earlier, on the sports field above the indoor swimming pool were indeed shot off by advancing GI's... an awesome place to have best memory...the fastest BFT (old style combat boots, lightweights and red PT vest!) 7:18 I ever did in the Military due to the all downhill run back from the main gate...
Have just uploaded a couple of photos to the gallery of Voglezang.
Blackcat said:
Thats funny if you blow the piccy up on the website and check out the piccy at the start of the thread its the same photo exactly same shading etc, someone bored on a wind up?
Ouch!! No, Blackcat, most definitely not!!!

I'm running the exact same enquiry on several websites!! My camera is shot at the mo' so I put up a hand drawn pic of the badge on a site known as IDF50......another member of the site posted the actual picture I've used here......I've used the other site name purely so you can check what I'm saying!! I'm not too sure whether I'm actually allowed to do that....if not......SORRY!! :oops:

I do understand your concerns over wind ups.......but, wrong tree so please don't bark at me!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pangur-Ban thanks so much for that link!! I can find nothing on the site, but, as you harm in sending him a pic and asking!! Thanks again!!

If anyone feels a need to see my other enquiries else where to settle their mind please feel free to ask.....I'll give you the URL' offence taken it's just that people won't put the effort into my questions if they think I'm playing games!! So like I say....just ask.....then you can also see the feedback and ideas others have had on the badge!!



Bossdog!! THANK YOU!!!
I very nearly missed your post!! So it appears that it is JUST the camp emblem!! That's the only proper reference I've seen for the badge in a year of searching!!! Thank you so much......I owe you a pint!!


Annie xxx
Isn't Vogelsang where there is supposed to be a load of Nazi gold dumped in the lake?

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