Mystery badge from WW2

The attached is a portrait of Mrs GBIII's grandfather who was an RMP officer during WW2.


Mrs GBIII's family has been long intrigued by the "apple" badge on the major's left sleeve. Does anyone have any idea what it was?
But what has Northern Command got to do with apples you might ask. The badge was introduced when General Sir Ronald Adam was GOC-in-C Northern Command around 1940.
Briiliant, you guys - reverted the finding to Mrs GB and it turns out that Maj R Cooksey was indeed in York Cmd and I/C Transport at the time.

Many thanks.
Correct. He had previously commanded III Corps when it was formed up to join the BEF in 1940. Their badge was a fig-leaf again because of the GOC-in-C's name. It seems to have been common at that time, II Corps badge of 3 wavy lines and a fish symbolised the name of their GOC-in-C in 1940 Sir Alan Brooke.
wah shield.

Adam's apple.

/wah shield.

The man probably thought he was being tremendously witty...
yeah but no but yeah but jokes were on ration during the war. You only got half a joke a week, unless you got one on the black market or off of a yank.
Or had a word with Walker

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He looks like he's wearing lipstick in that shot?
There's another thread for photography if you're being critical .... But it was taken in the '40s - perhaps I'll have a go at Photoshopping it sometime ..... :)
This is Tower House in York, the old HQ Offices Northern Command, as inscribed above the door:

Perhaps he worked there or down the road at Imphal Barracks where the wagons may have been.

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