Myspace WALT Competion.....

Maybe we need a competion, which member of ARRSE can make the best "walt" myspace profile, and attract the most "walts" to join them, in say a week. A bit like the SAS on Ebay we did a few months ago.....

So Rules....

1. All profiles must include the word WALT within them.....
2. We must all belong to units that DON'T exist
3. Pictures must be very "warrie"
4. We must post our own user name in here, so we can all laugh at each others profiles............. :)
5. The game starts on Sunday at 1am and runs till next Sunday at 11pm

I will take part, but how many others would like to play the new WALT game...?
Anya1982 said:
Feck me, do you lot actually have a life?
Quiet you, we know where you live. :)

WK out.

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