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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. words fail me, an 17yo teenage girl is left in charge of her parents house, over the Easter weekend, told not to have house parties, she instead goes ahead and advertise a party on myspace and gets strangers from all over the country and the whole house is trashed ! £20,000 worth of damage what was she thinking of !! she has done a runner since. Jeez ! :x

    I feel sorry for her parents and her younger brother and sisters who are also devastated by this as well.

    If my kids wanted to have a party I would rather hire a Hall for it, one of my Brother's 21st was trashed by strangers, invited by one of our younger brother without his permission, there were a lot of recriminations since, even if it is was 12 years ago, it still annoys me :evil: , but the dust has settled since, I am determined never to have that to happen to me or my children, why do people feel the need to trash houses and show no respect to other peoples properties, they wouldn't like it if it was their place that gets trashed, I see it happening far too often to other people. :evil:

    Teenage house parties .......very very bad idea.
  2. What were these parents thinking ,Letting a teenager stay home on her home anyway , Kids these day have no respect they are wrapped up in cotton wall and thinks the world owes them everything
  3. Lynks - am with u on that - pussy princess - but nice way to learn about responsibilty
  4. a very expensive lesson at that
  5. What p1ssed me off was the excuse given by the local Plod:

    "Forcibly breaking up the party was not an option."

    Only in soft-touch Britain, pencilneck. Act like that in most European countries and paramilitary riot police will descend on you like the Wrath of God.
  6. Locked as there are other threads open on this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.