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With summer finally here, more and more people are finding the motivation to don their training shoes and get out and about to exercise in the sun. It’s a proven fact that people exercise more effectively in the summer as mood is elevated through finer and brighter weather. However, the rise in temperature that we have all been praying for can certainly take its toll on how well we can exercise.

Generally, people will find fatigue always sets in that little bit earlier as a result of the heat and humidity which often puts them off training all together. Your body will find it harder to exercise in the heat as your heart is working to supply blood to the working muscles and also to the skin to help the body’s natural cooling process. This means your heart will be working much harder than it normally does and can result in a dramatic reduction in your exercise potential.

As people look to maintain there exercise routine throughout the summer or simply wish to take their routine away on holiday, there are a few simple steps which can be followed to ensure the heat doesn’t get the better of you.

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