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Achieving your training goals can often be a long and testing affair. Committing yourself to a training plan is not as easy as it may sound and if results don’t appear relatively quickly it can be difficult to motivate yourself to continue.

However, with a little planning and striking a balance between exercise, nutrition and rest you may just find the results come that little bit quicker and exercise becomes that little bit more satisfying - with any luck you may well make it a permanent part of your routine throughout the year. So, take a look at our simple but essential tips below to find out what you need to do to make your nutrition pay for itself.

Always eat breakfast

We’ve all been told by our mothers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, guess what, they were right! After several hours of no food during sleep, your body is crying out for those crucial nutrients to help get your metabolism firing on all cylinders and feed your muscles with the nutrients they need to develop or simply tick along. A low GI carbohydrate like Ultra Fine Scottish Oats mixed in with some Instant Milk Protein will give your body a sustained supply of energy throughout the morning.

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