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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MyProtein, May 7, 2009.

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  1. See final post

  2. *cough* Chocolate Milk *cough*
  3. I do like that study I must say
  4. Nutritional Information (per 90g):
    Energy 275.9Kcal
    Protein (as-is) 24.3g
    Carbohydrates 50.2g
    Fat 0.3g

    Ok so what is the benefit of putting nearly 300 calories back into my system after buring 600 on a run? If it helps recovery i might give it a try.

  5. You answered your own question :wink:
  6. That's a lot of calories for the same amount of protein as a 8oz burger.
  7. I know but do these things help recovery? I could just shove some pasta/potato & chicken down my neck after my runs but thats to inconvenient so is this an acceptable substitute?
  8. Depends. Really it's convience.

    Also, I think the chicken and potato would have more calories in it.

    Something with carbs and protein in it can be sipped during and immediately after training and then eat as normal a few hours later.

    Optimally anyway. These days I tend to do what you've been doing.

    Bravo_Zulu - the calories come from the carbs in it. Remove the carbs (ie just take whey or caesin) and it would be less carbs then a burger (but no where near as tastey).
    However you need carbs after sustained effort to get ready for the next bout.
  9. So as way to feed the muscles after a workout when there is not always much time to cook something up, this products does the job?
  10. Pretty much.

    I think this has electrolytes in it as well...BUT a banana will do the job equally well.

    At the end of the day, supplements for convenience and cost/ease (a good example of that is creatine. You don't need to supplement with a powder, you just need to eat 5lbs of food everyday to get the same intake).
  11. What you think of my intake:

    Breakfast: Fruit & Fibre
    Lunch: Fruit, apple/banana/pear
    Dinner: Its either Fish/Chicken/Lamb (fat off) or Steak with potatoes & loads of veg...carrots, leeks, sprink onion, cabbage, califlour, sweed & cuecumber & tomatoe

    now and again i change that dinner for a pasta dish or and if get hungry in the day ill have a soup thats only 100 cals.

    There is all but no bread, wholemeal if any at all. Loads of water

    Might seem boring and my mrs wonders how i can eat potatoes every day...simple...i love them...oh..and all that is steamed, even the meat.
  12. Depends

    What are your goals for eating that?

    I'd start a new thread rather then hijack this one
  13. Yes ill start one now here
  14. MyProtein is a great site, quality products, good prices, and fast delivery. Have and will continue to use them.

    Cheque in the post right?

    Just kidding, brilliant site.
  15. Water and Army scoff is all you need