Myprotein - The Perfect Beach Body (Part 2) + 5% discount

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In Part 1 of “The Perfect Beach Body” we looked at the importance of planning your training routine and committing yourself from start to finish. We then started to consider your actual training routine and discussed how you can implement cardiovascular exercise to help achieve a more toned and fat free appearance.

In this final element of “The Perfect Beach Body” we will concentrate on resistance training to add muscle and definition as well as diet to fuel the body throughout this process.


From an exercise point of view a combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight training will help you achieve the toned and muscular physique you are striving for.

Resistance exercise or weight training as it is often known is the ideal way to start adding muscle and creating a more toned body.

Frequency: 2-3 weight sessions per week will be sufficient stimulus to build more muscle. With a short time frame in mind, it is going to be best to work all muscle groups in one session (full body routine) instead of splitting your body into groups (split routine) and working different groups on different days.

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Cue the folks saying "I need to get ripped for the beach in 1 month" like the front page of mens health magazine

"get ripped like the cover dude in 4 weeks doing only 2 simple excercises"

lol... aye right.

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