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There really is no avoiding the fact that dehydration is one of the most common causes of premature fatigue and reduced performance throughout all levels of sporting activity. The body simply cannot work at optimum intensity when it does not have sufficient body fluid to drive normal bodily functions. Even the smallest drops in hydration levels can have the most profound effects on physical performance:

* A loss of 2% bodyweight (1kg for a 50kg individual) can cause an increase in perceived effort and is claimed to reduce performance by 10-20%.

* A fluid loss exceeding 3-5% bodyweight reduces aerobic exercise performance noticeably and can impair reaction time, judgement, concentration and decision making; all vital elements of any sport or exercise.

When you exercise the body produces heat. When your body temperature begins to rise a natural reaction occurs which drives the heat to your skin. Part of this process involves sweat being produced on the skins surface which evaporates to create a cooling effect. Obviously, the temperature that you perform in will have a direct impact on your body temperature, but even if the weather conditions are cool and favourable prolonged activity can still cause dramatic dehydration.

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