Myprotein Brand New Range – 2 New Products! [latest news]

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MyProtein, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. [align=center]The brand new Green Powders range is launched today![/align]


    Our new range consists of some of natures most powerful and potent green foods to help improve your health and boost your daily diet. First products to be launched are Barley grass and Wheatgrass powder.

    Barley Grass Powder (Organic)

    Barley Grass is the leaf portion of the Barley plant and has been recognised for its high concentrations of vitamins, minerals amino acids and enzymes. When compared on a per weight basis it is believed that Barley Grass is seven times richer in Vitamin C than oranges, five times richer in iron than spinach and ten times richer in calcium than milk.

    Available in sizes 100g, 500g and 1kg from only £5.49!

    Read more about Barley Grass Powder

    Wheatgrass Powder (Organic)

    Over the past couple of years Wheatgrass powder has become a more and more popular nutritional supplement due to the myriad of health benefits available from this nutritionally packed super food. Wheatgrass also has a high content of chlorophyll which has been shown to prevent the growth and spread of unfriendly bacteria. Due to the high amino acid content in Wheatgrass, it is also a great tool for building protein and supporting the growth of new muscle.

    Available in sizes 100g, 500G and 1kg from only £5.49!

    Read more about Wheatgrass powder

    You can get 5% off of your first order online at by using the following discount code - MP104071

  2. The first and last time I ordered stuff off myprotein it never turned up... wouldn't recommend
  3. I thought that after a certain age calcium uptake is negligable, especially in women. I'm a vile pervert with negligable medical knowledge (apart from date rape doses and self-help syphylis cures) so I may be wrong.
  4. I am sure that it is.

    No thanks
  5. Hi,

    The details shown are to express the convenience of using barley grass or wheatgrass in order to provide a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Some people struggle to consume a sufficient amount of potatoes, oranges or milk in their normal diet to provide the relevant nutrients, so barley grass and wheatgrass may provide a convenient and easy to use alternative. This certainly isn’t a product for everyone, but it does have a huge amount of benefits for most.

    Wildcard.rgbw, we're sorry to hear that your products have not arrived. If you could send over your order reference number and MP code ( to or PM here) the details will be passed onto the customer services team who will investigate the status of your delivery.

    Kind Regards,
  6. What did they say when you contacted them about, as I'm sure you would have.
  7. Status of my order that was months ago,

  8. Hi Jarrod,

    We recommend taking a look in some of the articles below:

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    Kind Regards,
  9. Hi,

    The documents listed above are all clinical studies that have been published.

  10. MP careful of Jarrod, soon enough he'll asking to help him with his "protein" intake as well, dont say I didnt warn you.