Myopic Hunters?

Is it true that hunters use camouflaged bog paper?

  • Yes, but you have to be careful where you walk.

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  • No, there are natural ways of camouflaging your bog paper during use.

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  • What a load of s**t!

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While looking for something totally unrelated, I came across this:
During hunting season, wilderness becomes a battlefield unsafe for all animals — game and non-game alike — and for all humans, hunter and non-hunter alike. United States game wardens are nine times more likely to be killed on the job than inner city cops. Some hunters shoot anything that moves. Other hunters acknowledge this and, when defecating in the woods, wipe themselves with camouflage toilet paper to prevent their being mistaken for white-tail deer.

Is this for real? I mean, a big white backside, and they're worried about the colour of the bog paper?
I'm sure some do though I'd think they would be far better served by getting their eyeglass prescription updated. Every year here in America several dozen hunters are shot by other hunters who mistake them for game. I haven't hunted anything beyond rabbits and squirrels since I was sixteen and I feel safe in refraining. Waaaaaay too many idiots in the woods.
Pillager said:
Deer are colourblind. Why bother with camoflague at all? walk around in a Gitmo jump suit and the deer arent going to pick you up!

Though the hillbillies might shoot you, for fun!
We hillbillys and rednecks are the new niggers. It's cool to make fun of our mouthbreathing ways. What a great time to be alive.
Pillager said:
Squeal little piggy - the tourist board in Montana must have shut the shop early the day that film was released!
You've got your geography wrong, Pillager.
"Squeal little piggy" is more from Sawdustys' neck of the woods, down south. We Montanans are more sophisticated, preferring sheep, or the occasional goat.

The Bunny-Hugger who wrote that article needs to go to work for Micheal Moore. A few honest facts mixed in with a liberal dose of propaganda.

I'm not a hunter btw, they're all a bunch of psychotic mongs.

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