Myanmar, is it just too complex for some to understand?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Slime, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. Not everyone likes Muslims or their beliefs. Some express their feeling a bit more robustly than others.

    Actually it would seem some Muslims don’t like other Muslims, and then it gets really messy.
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  2. They don't seem to like showing It Ain't Half Hot Mum these days
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  3. Shurrup!!!
  4. China proposed three-phase plan for Rohingya issue
    Looks like China is stepping up to the plate with a three phase plan apparently supported by both Bangladesh and Myanmar. Ceasefire, bilateral dialogue and then seek a long term solution:
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  5. Loosely based on how they have solved the Uighur problem in China no doubt?
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  6. Rohingya rhetoric seems to being ramped up on BBC new bulletins. Thanks to some of the learned members who have contributed to this thread its clearly a two sided story while that's very much missing on the news. Is this some sort of run up to a Christmas single to be release by somebody? The UN is playing the genocide card and a papal visit was supposed to call for peace to all. At least somebody had the sense to tell his Popeness to tone down the language.
  7. It's a sh!thole comparable with e.g. "Democratic" Republic of Congo; Federal Rupublic of Nigeria and a dozen other banana republics.

    Rich in natural wealth, screwed over by corruption including a terminally corrupt military.

    Close thread.
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