Myanmar, is it just too complex for some to understand?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Slime, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. when Syria kicked off I saw lots of activists saying the West, the UK and whites were to blame.
    When there were riots in the US, again I saw lots of protests saying that black lives matter and that the West, the UK and white people in the UK are accountable.
    When Antifa riots kicked off in the US I heard that Trump was to blame, protesters in Bristol (England) said white people were accountable.

    Now that loads of Muslims are being killed or hearded from their homes in Myanmar no one seems to want to blame anyone, no one has said its my fault as a British person.

    Is there something different this time or is the situation just a bit too complex for the activist community?
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  2. Point of order, not Antifa riots, Neo-Nazi riots, and yes, Trump IS to blame
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  3. Don't worry once one of the lefties finds out British soldiers were there in WW2 this lot will be our fault as well.
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  4. We need an accessible TV series to explain it to us, perhaps Spielberg will do a Band of Buddha's mini series ?
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  5. Don't you worry, some liberal lefty coloured (different shades of brown are available) feminist anti-fascist vegan LGBTQ disabled mong SJW will be along to explain exactly whose fault it really is.
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  6. I blame it on the Romans
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  7. Ah, but it is our fault.

    AIUI, from a R4 interview, the Buddhists don't like our Muzzie mates because they supported the British forces fighting against the Japanese in WW2, whereas they sided with the Nips

    There's obviously centuries of distrust, but the modern stuff stems from the 40's, ergo it's out fault.

    The activists are probably still searching Wiki for a link to get frothy about

    They may also be confused that Saint Suu Kyi isn't speaking out over the military she doesn't have control of.
    As one commentator said and I paraphrase, "First and foremost she's a politician and whatever she does or says, it's always aimed at getting herself re-elected"
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  8. There were no riots till the Antifa bigots turned up and kicked off.

    Oh, and you really must stop using the word "point" in your posts - it just reminds everyone of the shape of your head.

    In answer to the OP - yes - until they can figure out how to blame old white men, the situation will remain unremarked.
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  9. Wrong, whatever you think of them the neo Nazis didn't riot, they have been marching without much trouble or interest for decades, Antifa are the rioters.

    Edit. By the way video footage of the woman supposedly killed by the car at the protest shows that it never even touched the woman, she was pushed to the ground by the crowd.
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  10. Utter, utter, hoop and testicles.
  11. What riots? There was no violence until antifa arrived.
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  12. really? You were there and know better than the press and the authorities? If not what gives you the superpower to 'know' they're wrong?
  13. Are you trying to imply(again) that anyone who does not agree with you is a racist. Why don't you save several pages of tantrums and flounce.
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  14. Not according to the Police, and 'Antifa' is an XRW 'scare phrase' to try and tar anyone who's against Neo-Nazis and XRW fellow travellers - do try and keep up