My word this is taking a long time! Normal?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by JayCam, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this should be under the AOSB or Sandhurst sticky but since it is a general query regarding both I thought perhaps not. Mod: please feel free to move it.

    I made my first contact with the AFCO in September regarding joining as an Officer. I have only just now got an appointment for a meeting with a Colonel at my local office and I am told that if he is pleased with me in general he will put me forward for the AOSB Briefing.

    The thing is, that first appointment isn't scheduled until the end of November and apparently they are currently filling places on the Jan and Feb AOSB Briefings. So it seems I won’t get an attempt at the briefing until perhaps March, April or May and then depending on how long it takes to get onto and pass the AOSB main I cannot see myself joining the factory until August at the earliest and more likely November.

    This will mean that it will have taken me 14 months to go from first contact to Sandhurst gates, provided I don’t get deferred after the briefing. I am not complaining as such but I am surprised at how long the process is likely to take. Is this normal or should I make a polite request to the staff at the AFCO to "get a move on"?

    On the bright side I will have plenty of training time and so hopefully a good shot at the board...

    All comments appreciated! (well not all comments, you know who you are... ;) )

  2. A few things to bear in mine. Your ACA(O) covers a large area than just you and may only visit your AFCO relatively rarely. If he already had a few people wishing to have interviews when you enquired then you will have been bumped down the queue.
    With regards the AOSB brief, there are a lot of people needing to be seen so it's no surprise that it could take a while.
    It will have taken me September to January (16 months) from enquiry to (this Jan) gates, although I delayed my main board slightly to work around finals. I passed main board in August but too late for the September intake so again, that's a delay.
    One other thing, the intakes are September, January and May.
  3. allright mate.
    I guess it could depend where you're coming from. I got plenty of choice for my interview with the Lt Col up in Palace Brks, I'm coming from the south tho. asked for the end of this month. wrestling with a bloody cv.
    I'm hoping for September 2008 since I have work stuff to finish, mortgage to take care of and whatnot. best of luck mate. hopefully we'll get in around the same time!
  4. Takes a fairly long period of time between initial interest (wondering into an AFCO/ACIO and saying "I want to be an Officer") and actually pitching up at Sandhurst having passed all the bits and bobs between ("I don't wanna be an Officer no more!" ;) ). So yes, this kind of delay is perfectly normal.
  5. alright fella,

    First thing to remember is there alot of people going forward for the samething as you. So quite naturally there is a queue, however my aplication didnt take as long as my AFCO guy intially told me and im sure over the coming months dates could be brought forward.

    for me I had briefing in Feb 07 and Main board sept 07 =RMAS jan 08

    however I took ages with the paperwork, so the best way to speed things up is to get the home front squared away.

    where are your.....
    education certificates(cant find them? ok thats 30 quid and a 5 wk delay if your a porridge-wog)
    birth certificates
    drivers licience

    because I live in a different city to my family home I couldnt just nip and get some of these things and so had my mum (good on her!) rummaging through the garage for ages looking for the stuff. that held me back from booking my mainboard in april may time

    and never mind the time and inconvience to get the Military service STD clearance form from the GUM clinic or the orthodontist/dentist guy to do the full mouth mould for my bloody dental records

    nevertheless, you need that time to get your self up to date on all thngs important for your selection boards anyways

  6. Thanks for the replies. I guess it IS normal then.. I will just be patient (yeah right I am running up the walls at present!).

    Soldier Z, looks like I will also be on September intake if all goes to plan so keep me updated with your progress and good luck with it all!

    Red Phos, thanks for the advice. I am quite well organised with my records etc (I have to be since I move around so bloody much) so I have most of them in a folder so should be ok there. One thing you did bring to my attention though is dental records. I better get my arrse down to the dentist and get a filling that I have apparently needed for nearly 2 years (oops) as I beleive they like to have everything done before they let you in?

    Also: is there a vetting proccess for the Army? I know there is for the Navy and Airforce and if so this is going to slow me down as I lived in the middle east for 15 years!


  7. Of course there's a vetting process, you'll have to fill out a security and terrorism jobby, don't quite remember whn I did this. When they want it, you'll get the forms to fill out. Things like fathers and mothers background (birthplace, age, address, all previous names, etc.) come into it, as well as places of residence for the past five years or so.

    It's a crap form to have to fill out, but just put down all they ask for and it should be fine. Also, try to make sure you have all the documents they ask for, it really can cause a lot of delay if you don't have them!

  8. oh christ,

    ok you called me, all my post was serious apart from.....

    you dont need the dental check nor do you need to get an STD check.

    jeez I was just trying to get a frightened response about you having to get your insides scrapped out. man take the fun out of life wont you! :D

    however if you havent been to the dentist it may well indeed be worth a visit.

    On the vetting side of life I cant really say how 15 years in the middle east would effect it or not. I got my security questionnairre sent back to me because the dates of where I lived (within Britain) where slightly off.
    House A lived Jan 2001- May 2003
    House B lived Aug 2003 -present

    where did I live between May and August?
    papers get sent back
    fill it out correctly
    send them away again
    delay = 1 month
    Red_phos = mong

  9. lol sorry thought you were serious about the dental thing as I have heard they want you to have no outstanding dental work when you go in! I picked up on the STD check bit haha...

    Hopefully vetting wont be too brutal then. I didnt live anywhere dodgy like Libya, Iran, Syria etc and it used to be a British territory and they seem to be quite cooperative so hopefully it wont take too long. But its not just a question of ticking "no" after the question "are you a member of Al Qaeda" then? Good to know lol.

  10. Questions like, "Have you ever been a member of a terrorist organisation?" are in there though. Quite odd.
  11. And it can seem quite pointless - I have filled in about 6 of those as they only seem to last as long as they need them to - 1 for sixth form/uni scholarship application, 1 for entry to OTC, 1 for year in Industry at Uni (I buggered up bits for military aircraft), 1 for RCB, 1 for Sandhurst, 1 at first unit (they couldn't find the other 4).

    Or maybe I worry them...

    Yes get dental work done, as it may get worse during your time and you don't want any time out of th eprogram to get manky teeth fixed cos your jaw is falling off.
  12. lol I dont think it will come to that!

    Cheers for the replies!