My Wife.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brummieboy1, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. On the 8th of March my wife died, she had only been taken ill 3 weeks before. She was cremated yesterday at Redditch Crematorium, the place was packed, I had no idea she knew so many people.

    We had been together for 42 years and had been married for 38 years, she was only 60 and I am really going to miss her.

    Just thought I would let you know, and by the way, I've had my Aorta fixed, they did it at Worcester Royal, had it done on the Friday and came home on the Saturday. Bloody good job I did, because she died the following Tuesday morning.
  2. Brummie,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I hope your taking care of your self.

  3. Sorry to hear that mate
  4. Sorry to hear your sad news, take care.
  5. Oh Brummie, what a blow! 60 is no age at all! I'm really sorry for your loss, but glad you got home to be with her. Look after yourself, and I'm not too far from you so pm if I can do anything.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    My condolences, too.

    Take consolation from those 42 years together.

    And remember to look after yourself for her sake as well as your own.
  7. That's awful mate. So very sorry for you and the family.

    It's no real comfort but I'm glad you got to get out of hospital quickly and spend that time together.

    All the best.

  8. My condolences, very sad news, but remember the good times.
  9. Condolences, but life goes on, keep her in memory.
  10. Really sorry to hear this, must be very hard for you. 42 years is very impressive and I hope I can manage a relationship as long as that!
  11. Really sorry to read about your sad loss, stay strong mate.
  12. My condolences.
  13. My sincere condolences. Let us know if there is anything that can be done. I am in RSA but i am sure there are some folks happy to help out close by.
  14. My condolences. 60 is way too early.
  15. Brummie:

    My sympathy on you sad loss. You were lucky however to have a loving wife for all those years.
    My prayers and best wishes for recovery and good health for yourself.