My War - by Colby Buzzell

MY WAR - Killing time in Iraq by Colby Buzzell

Ok, so its a book about the US Army in Iraq, mainly Mosul, which will put some off straight away, but its based on his journal entries and when he started 'Blogging' his tour down in the Internet cafe. As such there is no set structure it just basically follows his journey as he decides to join the Army, then after training he gets posted out to Iraq for a year, and then starts writing a blog.

Its a great read, Buzzell has a natural way of just writing what he thinks and it comes off pretty well. Its a slick and funny read, and the way he reacts to certain things had me chuckling. One particular amusing part is his thoughts on the US Army 'Hooo-ah' saying, that had me p1ssing myself laughing.

Some will get annoyed by the 'Gung-Ho ness' of the yanks, but its worth a look and its not too long either.

Good read :)

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