My Virginity For Sale

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wolverine9314, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. THIS kind of thing has been done to death, a thousand times from Ebay and now the SCUM.

    Also, isn't this just prostitution?

    Let's turn the tables. As a bloke, penis and all, I am offering my virginity* to the highest bidder.

    How much will you give me? I'll start the bidding by paying you 50p.

    *Virginity not guaranteed.
  2. Have a word with Jarrod, he might let you pay him a quid...
  3. Top marks for that answer, that man. :mrgreen: :hug:
  4. Ask a marine ... they like back door berties
  5. That depends. Are you any good? Are you fit? I'm not paying unless you're hung like a blue whale and have an arrse like two sweet melons.
  6. She's fucking rank bet she's a gypo an all by the time you've humped her the family of 20 plus 2 pallets of the big issue will be in your living room.

    As long as I've a hand I'd not touch that probably crawling with HIV to boot
  7. Dr Jan Lenkiewicz, 63, who said “She is definitely still a virgin” has The Best Job In The World.... looking up the fannies of hot teenagers.
  8. I bet you were in the "slow readers" class at achool.
  9. Everytime I hear one of these stories about the selling of Virginity, it reminds me of Ex Purple Star or Ex Purple Throbber or Ex Purple Ring.

    There was a certain individual, we'll call him 'Cave'. He was quite honestly the ugliest man in NATO. Being this ugly meant that he was by his own admission, a Virgin. Staying at the particular camp we were, there was a whore house just down the road. A collection was made and monies were raised, £2k if memory serves correct for this young man to be deflowered by North Carlonia's finest.

    Needless to say he bottled it and instead we went on the piss.
  10. £100 quid i can not remember the last time the frua did the deed sod it any hole is a goal.
  11. The former teacher seems very sure she isn't a virgin. Does he have first hand experience?
  12. Which medical test did he use for this?
  13. No he doesn't ... he is a gynaecologist. This means that 99% of fannies that he will examine are smelly, gaping, leathery, battered old holes belonging to gungy mingers riddled with the pox or other despicable pus weeping disease/illness/infection. Jealous? Not me

    Edited to add. Why do you think all gynaecologists wear dickie bows and not a long tie?
  14. Have I missed something? Wolverine is a bloke isn't he?
  15. During the working week, yes. :wink:

    Brettraider is making reference to the girl in the story from my first post. I hope...