My View of the English Defence League

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Leon the Brit, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Respect Lads n Lasses

    Im a Belfast lad currently living in Stockport Manchester.

    Firstly id like to say thanks to all you serving and Ex soldiers for the amount of times ya put your bodies on the line in my hometown and for the good work yas are doin in the likes of Afghanistan and Iraq. Helping these people build up a democracy and a life they never had under the taliban. The very same thing yas done in Norn Iron.

    I see some of you are questioning and mocking the EDL.
    I would like to put a few of you right on a few things you are insinuating and will try and answer any queeries or questions you would like answered on the EDL.

    "All EDL are Racist nazi hooligans"

    What a crock of shit, im no nazi sympathiser or supporter. My grandfather would be very dissapointed in me if he was alive today if i was a racist nazi. My grandfather was the only belfast man on the HMS Belfast which sank the ssharnhurst warship in the battle of the North Cape, he gave the signals to fire the guns which helped kill 2000 german nazis. Why did he do this i ask myself? Was it because he wanted me to follow hitlers ideology, be a holocaust denier like my "apparent" hero Nick Griffin, be a member or the racist BNP or just be a disrespectful commie?
    No, he done it because he didnt want me becoming any of the above. He like many fought for our freedoms and democracies we take for granted today.
    I tried to join the army when i was a youngster, seeing repeats of the Iranian embassy siege and the footage from the Rock when the RA got took out by the SAS. Unfortunatly i could follow the dream because i have Epilepsy.

    I am neither a football hooligan,

    Im just a normal patriotic lad with Epilepsy who`s trying to get on in life while lookin after a cancer stricken mother. BUT at the same time one of my best friends goes to what should be a welcoming homecoming in Luton only to be spat on, abused and called a babykiller. I heard about this UPL (United People of Luton) a group set up by "Tommy Robinson" defending my friend and the rest of his regiment from the filth that abused them. This at a time when choudary was running his mouth off in every paper left right and centre.
    I contacted Tommy and proceded in setting up the Stockport Division of the EDL. (A division which has Black, white, 5 asians, a couple jewish people all female and male)

    Here is a link to our EDL Armed forces Division
    EDL - Armed Forces Division | Facebook
    Its mostly made up of Ex serving lads, lads who im sure if you asked would only be too happy to put your fears to bed.

    Instead of listening to the usual leftwing propaganda from the likes of social misfits and selfharmers try listening to us.
    We aint all as bad as they say and army lads like you should know this, most of ya are all estate lads the same as us!

    If you have any questions you can find me here >>>
    Thanks for takin the time to read this and keep up the good work lads

    Leon McCreery
  2. Leon take your EDL crap and ram it where the sun dont shine
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  3. nice one mate ;) noone asked you to read it.
  4. Any time I see anything about the EDL, I see them as being a bunch of uneducated thugs. I don't care about if they are racist or not, I just would never associate myself with them in any way. But then again, I am not an 'estate lad' so I guess I'm too posh for you.

  5. I didn't - DO ONE Arssehole
  6. Leon

    Thank you very much for that.

    I am a member of a Natural Selection Group. We have strong believes that only the fittest should survive and medicines and care workers should be banned.

    Weak individuals who have any sort of genetic disorder and can’t fully contribute to society should be hounded out. We specifically target mongs, window lickers, weedy little asthmatic f*ckers and epileptics as the care these fuckers need is a drain on us strong who can hols down a proper mans job.

    If you would like more information please visit us at
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  7. i went to the same school as Col Tim Collins. Guess im just an educated estate lad then. Sorry for not being posh enough mate.
  8. That figures. He talks a lot of shite too.
  9. :-D:-D That should get a few responses
  10. Whoopie fcuking do. The EDL are still a bunch of knobs who are just up for a fight. They don't represent the armed forces, we don't need them or want them. If a serving individual wants to be associated with them fine, god help them on values and standards if it gets found out about.
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  11. Fuck of you boyner nazi
  12. very abusive lot arnt yas lol
  13. Yep, now fuck off cunt… haven't you get a sister you should be abusing?
  14. what a deranged fcukwit you are.

    you couldnt lace my grandfathers boots. and to think i offer my support and donations to idiots like you. saying that, im smart enough to know the whole army dont think like some of you retards
  15. not very educated, spelling words like that. are you?