My vibrating features have been disabled

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tattooedlady, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. PS2 vs Wii - Apple Style!!!

  2. Is it bad that i laughed my ass off
  3. PMSL good one TL...

    give me half and hour to think about it and i will let you know which one i would rather be....
  4. I thought "knocking copy" wasn't allowed, but this is the Internet so anything goes..... in fact, I am surprised that she didn't get her kit off....

    I await Sony's reponse with interest.

  5. well i like 'the vibrating feature' more than 'its the future with the high definition like you have never seen' soooooo guess that means its the Wii for me
  6. It could have repercussions.

    Clever ad but still not tempted.

    To buy a console that is.
  7. Ok ive thought about it i will cope with the vibrate feature so im sticking with Wii...
  8. Can I watch?

  9. Errr NO....
  10. Worth a try I suppose.
  11. Men ..................... sigh
  12. Can I?

    I'm sticking to my Wii, I can't afford a PS3, don't have an HD tv (yet) and spend enough time on me backside in front of the computer so the Wii gets my arrse off the sofa :lol:
  13. TL you forgotten last week so soon??????????
  14. Women ..................... sigh

    Especially the ones who keep changing avatars.
  15. Dont you like the weekend avatar mistersoft, she is just keeping her hand in....