My uncle is going to be a civi driver for the US in iraq...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by predatorplus, May 1, 2007.

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  1. My uncle is going to be a civi driver for the US army, driving articulated trucks. as im not in the forces yet I can only take my info from the news, which we all know can be as useful as tits on fish sometimes.

    I know the main dangers would be IED’s or small arms fire, so I have a few questions so please if you can answer them and add any relevant info that you feel useful that I could pass on to him…

    Are the still kidnapping of civi western contractors?
    In your professional opinion what is the percentage of his truck being hit by small arms fire/IED’s?

    Cheers for all your help
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Insurance, lots and lots of insurance, death, disability and anything else you can find....lots!!

    Oh and a nice set of kevlar in blue.
  3. Fair play.

    I was a Warrior Commander in Basra and I shat my pants on occasion, so driving an unarmoured truck around Baghdad takes balls.

    I wouldn't do it for all of the WMDs in Iraq.
  4. Can he drive fast ...........................really fcuking fast. :? :omg:
  5. Has he got a death wish?
  6. Perhaps you need to view some of the decaptiation videos and show them to your uncle. :(
  7. he is looking forward to it... rest of the family isn't... but as the tattoo on his sholder says and his view to life ... 'fcuk it' with the fcuk spelt correct...
  8. What he said.

    I actually can't recall the last time I heard of an American civilian trucker killed in Iraq, barring a beheading way back in 2003/2004 so he's probably pretty safe. However, the main reason I suggest to my troops that they not take up an offer to go back in private commercial capacity is the benefits in the event that you are injured. The US Army will take care of you, to the best of its ability (Even if the hospital is rat-infested). Most commercial operations in the area won't give you a hospital at all, rat-infested or otherwise.

    He'll earn a fair bit of dosh, though.

    Pretty good.

    Percentage of him being hit, or the truck being immobilised/destroyed, pretty small. The MSRs are the most patrolled parts of Iraq, the insurgents are tending to conduct their anti-occupation attacks on lighter-surveilled patrol routes. Planting a bomb on an MSR can just be too hazardous, and there are so many targets to attack when you -do- get away with it, the chances of it being your uncle's truck are pretty small.

  9. cheers for that, he has BUPA health care crap... so im not sure if they would cover him... the main worry was the IED's but that info has put our minds to rest (as much as it could)...

    i thikn he was talking about having a gun the other day... do they give civi drivers weapon training and weapons?
  10. Sept 06

    This caused some controversy as the driver claimed to have been abandoned by convoy escorts.

    Insurance wise, not sure if the Defence Bases Act still stands, but some firms used to get reasonable cover that way.

    PP, Has anything changed dramatically in your uncles life recently? recent divorce, unexpected tumours, BASE jumping not hitting the spot, sh*t CR, etc etc

    or has he been reading too much Robert Young Pelton?
  11. Kidnappings is Baghdad, and for that matter in other areas of North of Baghdad are according to my sources increasing.

    There are different objectives depending on the group taking hostages, not taking into acocunt Iraqis' being kidnapped at their' place of work or home, purely for the purpose of torture and execution. The torture / execution route, is predominately carried out by sectarian militias or groups affiliated to them.

    Outside of this, Iraqis are increasingly being kidnapped solely for;

    A: Financial Gain - Commonly, educated professionals will be kidnapped and a demand made of the hostage's family or business to pay up. This has also been a growing feature of the Southern Iraq situation. A point worth noting by anyone out there or heading out there.

    B: Status - The mix of ethnic groups, religous orginaisations and tribal affiliations is very complex. Outside of the Shia / Sunni divide, collectively "we" are generally pretty ignorant of the effects of differing groups and their' aims. Think FRY magnified thirty-fold. Therefore, it is the case that gangs / groups that are taking hostages, often with the sole purpose of then passing the hostage to another group or militia, with the aim of then passing the hostage "up the chain" in order to gain status or carry favour with another group / militia.

    The "Force Protection" of most civilian convoys means that although the civilian drivers are probably more in danger of injury or death from IED's, ambush, then targetted hostage taking.

    That not withstanding, contractors finding themselves being kidnapped, are very likely to be passed onto one of the more commonly known militias, who have access to media facilities. It doesn't take much forethought, to work out what is likely to happen next.

    So, get your uncle to break out the Arabic phrase book, carry a couple of thousand bucks with him and enjoy the scenic delights of Baghdad and the surrounding area. I'm assuming that uncle will be earning "pop star" wages for his duties, and like everything, it's ultimately his, risk versus benefit perspective.

    Other than that, get him to take note of petite_butsweet's comment above.
  13. maybe you should watch the video and read the interview with the american civvie driver a few months ago. his truck was immobilised in an ambush and the escort bugged out.

    returned later and rescued him as he cowered in his cab, clutching his bowie knife. but not before he saw two other American drivers executed.

    i'll see if i can find a link tomorrow, off to bed now.

    ok had a quick look, found some bits:

    from wiki

    this is disturbing - 770 contractors working for US killed since 2003:,1,5984421.story?coll=chi-news-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

    ah here we go, loren bradshaw was his name:

    heres the video:

    right, bed time.
  14. Fair play to the civi contractors who undertake the work, but i get the impression that they really don't know what they let themselves in for.

    Personally they couldn't pay enough money to get me there.
  15. Depends on who he works for. Last I checked, KBR drivers were unarmed.

    I recall the controversy, and the escort did no such thing. If I recall, the escort actually did rather well considering the size of the attack against them. Fifteen soldiers vs over a hundred attackers. If they bugged out, Mr Wheeler would not have been able to tell his story at all. Every soldier of the fifteen received a valour award, some purple hearts.

    Well, I got the year right.

    Fair enough, but that was an exception to the standard.

    Doesn't surprise me. A lot of locals are contracted. We had our interpreter kidnapped and executed on the way to the base. A hazard which I doubt our friend's uncle is going to need to worry about.

    Preston Wheeler was the truck driver, actually. Bradshaw was just a colleague.

    And here's the rebuttal.

    In any case, this single incident three years ago is hardly indicative of the current 'average' state of affairs.