My Turn.........effects on RTCs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. Well for us, training stops, less ITW as of 23:59 on the 18th.
    That includes courses that were 3/4 finished!

    ITW carry on as normal.
  2. Boxy, which RTC are you?
  3. So Ph 1 gone as well...Shite.

    Why is ITW allowed to carry on...did they give a reason?
  4. DCO: 51Bdes
    Swamps: ITW is the rebranded RTW i.e me et al.
  6. Boxy, thanks, was a reason given why your RTC would discontinue training as I thought the RTC's were exempt?
  7. They just don't like him.
  8. The humour is all that keeps me going sometimes... How about you BB, how are things with your unit?
  9. Phase 1 hasnt gone, we were rebranded as Initial Training Wing a while back.

    DCO: no specific reason, just as the current savings.
  10. I'm 51 Bde too, Regional TA - but we were told Ph 1 continuing and 2 MATTS weekends for whole Bde centralised for all units will be run by our RTC one before and one after Crimbo
  11. OI! that hurts, well it would if it wasnt true!
  12. Ahhhhh I thought it was a re-name of STW....sorry mate never knew you got new names :)
  13. DCO
    I'm off to RTC SE friday night, in full expectation of training SUTs. If it has been cancelled - and the OC / RSM are pretty good at the CC1 stuff - I'lll just go on the lash with the other reprobates so I don't have to spend time with The Nagger.
  14. dont know about MATTs,the only one scheduled is our own internal one.

    Swamps, was in line with the whole one army *cough* thing i believe, how much money was wasted on that?
  15. Loads mate....So if i'm reading this guys are running two MATTS weekends for the whole Bde....????

    Find that one hard to take the Two SCOTS Bat's are coming too?.....hope you guys get the cookhouse squared away..going to be a huge line for feeding.. :)

    Or CO is going to have a Face to Face with the OC's this week....we will know then !

    Looks like we are going to do some Hill walking and a fair bit of Mountain biking on the C1 chit...(once we get the gen)

    Any of you "Wonkey" lot fancy a wee break your welcome to come along..